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Articles we enjoyed

Test-Driving ASP.NET MVC
At the core of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is the segregation of UI functions into three components. The model represents the data and behavior of your domain. The view manages the display of the model and handles interactions with users. The controller orchestrates the interactions betw

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Mobile Site Development, Part 2: Design
There are a few myths about mobile site development that mostly derive from the idea that a mobile solution is a spin-off of an existing desktop Web site. I think the term spin-off is quite appropriate to describe the relationship between a mobile and a desktop Web site. The crucial issue concerns t

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Microsoft Web Developers group on Elance
Thousands of Microsoft development projects are available on Elance today, with many more to come as we work to further drive Microsoft partners and customers to this resource for developer talent.

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Betting the Company on Windows 8
I'd argue that the last truly revolutionary version of Windows was Windows 95. In the subsequent 17 years, we've seen a stream of mostly minor and often inconsequential design changes in Windows – at its core, you've got the same old stuff: a start menu, a desktop with icons, taskbar at the bottom,

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Videos we favorited

Setting up a Maintenance Plan to Backup Databases

In this video Scott Golightly shows us how to create database maintenance plans using the Maintenance Plan wizard and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Scott also shows how to customize plans that were created with the wizard.

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SilverlightShow webinar: The Ten Things Silverlight Programmers Should Know About Windows 8

In this session, Silverlight MVP Michael Crump will look at how Silverlight developers skills translate over to WinRT. He will dive straight into 10 things that he has discovered while working with WinRT. You will quickly find out just how much you will need to learn to work with this new platform.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

We are pleased to announce the first Web Standards Update for Visual Studio SP1. It updates the HTML5 intellisense and validation to reflect the latest W3C specifications and fixes some bugs bugs in the current SP1 support for HTML5. Also JavaScript intellisense it updated to reflect many of the new Read more

Bring the Windows Phone 8 home screen to your apps

We got inspired by the improved home screen of Windows Phone 8 and decided not to keep you waiting. You can implement the new tile sizes in your app right away using Telerik HubTile for Windows Phone. This functionality will make the home screen experience more personal than ever before and it can Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Travelling With Style: Beyond3D’s C++ AMP Contest

It is our pleasure to introduce Travelling with style, a contest which seeks to arm you, the contestants, with knowledge and familiarity with nice and friendly tools whilst offering the promise of juicy prizes for the best of the best. Read more


aspConf is a virtual conference focused on one thing: showcasing the ASP.NET stack as the platform for great web applications. We've revamped the popular mvcConf conference to serve all of ASP.NET, Windows Azure, the MS Web Platform and the community as a whole. If you're a developer interested i Read more

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