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Books we recommend

Grab Over 80 Free Ebooks from Microsoft and Learn Something Tech-y

Microsoft's MSDN blog has released a boatload of free ebooks on a range of technologies and programs, including a power users guide for Windows 7, programming Windows 8 apps and Windows Phone 7, SQL Server tutorials, and much more.

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Image Free download: Managing SQL Servers and Policy-Based Management

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is the primary tool you use to manage databases and servers. Other tools available to manage local and remote servers include SQL Server PowerShell, SQL Server Configuration Manager, Database Engine Tuning Advisor, and SQL Server Profiler. You use SQL Server Co

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Articles we enjoyed

Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks
The premise was to take the seven top JavaScript frameworks/libraries for single-page and rich JavaScript applications — Angular, Backbone, Batman, CanJS, Ember, Meteor, Knockout, Spine — get the creators of all of them in one location, and compare the technologies head to head.

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Final Build for VS 2012 – Availability and Launch Dates Ahead
The final build of Visual Studio 2012 is now complete! The engineering team is finished and is now preparing the build for our numerous distribution channels.

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Working with Graphics on the Web: Canvas vs. SVG
With the advent of Canvas and SVG (scalable vector graphics), developers now have better choices for doing graphics on the Web than in the past, when they had to implement myriad hacks and workarounds. Working with both graphics and design elements in Web development is now much easier for non-desig

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

Responsive design using Foundation with ASP.Net MVC

Responsive design is a technique for creating a website or web application that can adapt to a client’s screen or interface. In responsive design a flexible layout, together with flexible content and media queries, is used to change how the page is rendered on the client’s screen. Although the basic Read more

Free Offers from Microsoft Partners

Six LightSwitch Extensions: Free Download, Spreadsheet Components for WPF and Silverlight: Free Download, Understanding Async Code in C# 5, Review Assistant - New Visual Studio Integrated Code Review Tool, Download White Paper: Extract Images from a PDF Document Read more

Build apps for Office and SharePoint

Embracing web standards, the new cloud app model gives you maximum choice and flexibility to build a new class of apps for Office and SharePoint using familiar languages, tools, and hosting services. Visit the Explore section to learn more and start creating your own apps that will soon be in the ha Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Upcoming SilverlightShow Webinar: Windows 8 Metro apps and the outside world: connecting with services and integrating the cloud

Windows 8 Metro style apps will give users a great experience. Apps promise the user to be alive and connected. Being connected means interfacing with services and the cloud. But what options do we have to make the connection to the outside world? In this session, we'll explore how WinRT apps can Read more

Microsoft DevRadio: Developing a RockPaperAzure Windows 8 app

In today’s episode Developer Evangelists Andrew Duthie, Brian Hitney and Peter Laudati recap the “Rock, Paper, Azure” – (#BeatTheGu) challenge from this year’s TechEd as well as how they built a Windows 8 App for the competition. Tune in for this lessons learned session on what considerations and fe Read more

Windows 8 UX Virtual Training

Windows 8 UX Virtual Training Embrace Metro Design Style, Less is more: Commanding, Information Architecture & Navigation, Be fast and fluid: Designing for Touch, Mouse, Keyboard, Be fast and fluid: Animations, Snap and scale beautifully: Designing apps with adaptive layouts in Windows 8 & thinking Read more

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