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Books we recommend

Image Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you

Throughout the year I try to share resources and information with you that I think will be helpful for you. Often times these resources will include links to free eBooks that we make available on a variety of topics. Today, I thought I would post a large collection of eBooks for you here so that you

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Articles we enjoyed

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET Framework 4.5 released to the web!
I’m thrilled to announce that this morning we released Visual Studio 2012, Team Foundation Server 2012, and .NET Framework 4.5 to the web. It’s time to start your engines, and begin downloading today! MSDN Subscribers can download immediately at the MSDN Subscriber Download Page, and volume licen

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ASP.NET and node.js
Are you an ASP.NET MVC developer wondering why and how to use node.js? Read the following article by Scott Hanselman and you ll know how node.js relates to ASP.NET AsyncHandlers (AsyncControllers in MVC) and how to have it up and running in an IIS server.

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Windows Azure Community News Roundup
Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly roundup of the latest community-driven news, content and conversations about cloud computing and Windows Azure. Here are the highlights for this week.

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Screencasting Like a Pro : Beginning, Middle, and End
I get asked a lot about my process, software, and microphone for the screencasts I do at Tekpub. I figured I'd blog about it because the world needs better screencasts. This is part 1 of more to come...

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An Introduction to ASP.NET Web API
Microsoft recently released ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and .NET 4.5 and along with it, the brand spanking new ASP.NET Web API. Web API is an exciting new addition to the ASP.NET stack that provides a new, well-designed HTTP framework for creating REST and AJAX APIs (API is Microsoft’s new jargon for a service,

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Videos we favorited

C#5, ASP.NET MVC 4, and asynchronous Web applications

Check out this nice tutorial by Seven Sanderson on asyncrhonous controllers and learn how to speed up your ASP.NET MVC web apps with this exciting framework (you will also see how a simple web messenger is built using the "Long Polling" technique).

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Visual Studio Ultimate 2012: Visualize the impact of a change

This short video shows how to use visualization tools in Visual Studio to understand the impact of a change, or a potential change in your code.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

Build your own HTML5 board game.

If you are looking for a good book in HTML5 gaming that uses pure javascript with no gaming libraries whatsoever check out the following link. You will find a very good introduction to HTML5 game development as well as information on how to build a good framework for a board game that takes advantag Read more

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