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Books we recommend

Entity Framework Code First

This book is small but contains the information of a book double its size. If you are new to EF and want to learn about the ORM goodies of DBContext then this is the book to read. If you are an Entity Framework guy (guru) used to work with ObjectContext and wondering what code-first and the DbContex

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Articles we enjoyed

JavaScript closures
Well do not let the title bore you to death. JavaScript closures are one of the most important (and useful) aspects of the JavaScript language and one of the less understood. You use them but you do not know exactly why and how. Well fear no more. The link below is one of the best explanations we ha

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AJAX Uploading files the «HTML5″ way
HTML5 has brought a whole bunch of wonderful APIs that make our lives easier. One of those is the one for uploading files to the Server using AJAX calls (as opposed to the traditional Form-POST methods). The following article explains in a nutshell how this is made possible. Server side you can stil

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Javascript error reporting within Visual Studio
Is it possible to have my Javascript typing and some coding errors reported in the Errors window in Visual Studio like I am used to with C#? Well JSHint makes it possible and Steven Sanderson explains how we can install and use this invaluable extension in VS2010 and VS2012.

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Links to ASP.NET WebAPI blog posts and Data Access blog posts
Here are some blog posts about ASP.NET WebAPI that we just released.

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Getting Started with ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms
The best way to learn what’s new in ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms, is to work through the latest tutorial series by Erik Reitan: Getting Started with ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms.

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Videos we favorited

Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate 2012: Easily testing user interfaces with Coded UI tests

This short video shows how to create programmatic user interface tests easily and reliably in Visual Studio.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

Plugging custom OAuth/OpenID providers

In the previous post, I wrote about how you can use the existing providers for Google, Facebook etc. and retrieve extra metadata about the authenticated users. Let’s assume you wanted to change the way the providers request for information. Some examples of this could be You want to request more Read more

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