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Books we recommend

Good book on Domain Driven Design (with an ORM tool)

If you are thinking of using an ORM you will probably considering Domain Driven Design as a possible approach. The book by Evans  has all the theory behind DDD. But Nilsson went one step further. He read Evans book and then applied it in a C# project using nHibernate as his ORM. This book is a very good introduction to practicing "Domain Driven Design" in C#.

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Articles we enjoyed

Windows Store is Now Open to All!
Today’s an especially great day to be a developer. We’re very excited to announce the last significant milestone in the rollout of the Windows Store before the general availability of Windows 8 on October 26. The Store is now open for app submissions from all developers – individuals and companies – in our supported markets, and we’ve added 82 more app submission markets! Now, developers from 120 markets can publish Windows Store apps. Ted Dworkin, Partner Program Manager for the Store, authored this post.

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Metro (WinJS) Declarative Data Binding
This post is a very good introduction to using data binding in HTML5 + Javascript for Metro apps in Windows8.

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You can play with the following for hours!
The following link will give you some insight of the new capabilities of IE10. First you will just stare at it, later you  will be wondering what's the underlying physics of the world (actually it is just one rule) and then you will not resist the temptation of hitting F12 to check how it works! (you need a browser that supports HTML5)

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Build your own QR Code reader
Have you ever wondered how to built an app in the WP7 that reads a QR Code (those new fancy barcode-like boxes). Well the following blog post will show you how simple this is.

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Videos we favorited

Great Free Courses on Building HTML5 apps using ASP.NET Web API, Knockout.js and jQuery

Pluralsight is offering a special promotion that allows you to get a free 1-month subscription to watch the above courses at no cost. There is no obligation to buy anything at the end of the offer and you don’t need to supply a credit card in order to take part in it.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

TFS 2012 Power Tools are now available!

I know many of you have been waiting patiently. I apologize for the delay. They actually shipped yesterday but I didn’t have time to write a blog post about it until tonight. Team Foundations Server 2012 Power Tools Read more

Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension

Sample Browser Visual Studio Extension allows developers to search and download 3500+ code samples from within Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2010. It is provided by Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework in partnership with Visual Studio Team and MSDN Samples Gallery. The... Read more

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