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Reimagining App Development with the Windows Runtime
Developing Windows applications and using new Windows features from your programming language of choice has not always been simple and straightforward. For customers to have the best experience on Windows 8, and to empower developers to create the best apps on Windows, investments needed to be made to improve the end-to-end development experience on Windows. At the heart of these investments is the Windows Runtime (WinRT).

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Knockout 2.2.0 released
It’s been five months since the last significant Knockout release, so it’s about time for another! The core team and many contributors have been hard at work adding some sweet new features, performance upgrades, architectural improvements, and bug fixes. After all this, the final code file is smaller than the previous version

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Entitiy Framework 5 Useful links
The EF team is starting a regular series to recap interesting articles, posts and other happenings in the EF world. Here is the first one…

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Understanding Text Encoding in ASP.NET MVC (ASP.NET MVC Foundations Series)
This article covers the various ways in which you might handle text encoding in ASP.NET MVC. For example, if you were writing a forum web app, you should absolutely be paranoid about what your users are typing into your site. You need to be very careful about how you redisplay their input.

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Free! Pluralsight Training Subscription for MSDN Subscribers

For a limited time, eligible MSDN subscribers around the world qualify to receive a special free 1 year starter subscription to 25 selected Pluralsight courses listed below. The Pluralsight Starter Subscription is a custom 25-course subscription created specifically for MSDN subscribers. With this extension, we partnered with Pluralsight to include several new Visual Studio 2012 courses:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio 2012 - Part 1
  • ALM with TFS 2012 Fundamentals
  • ALM for Developers with Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Fakes Fundamentals
  • IntellliTrace

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