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Articles we enjoyed

Designing Windows Store News Apps
Windows Store apps provide unparalleled reach across a range of devices, from touch-centered tablets to high-resolution laptop and desktop PCs. These different form factors represent a unique opportunity for news publishers to enable great user experiences across a variety of scenarios and reach a large audience with one app.

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Web to Windows 8: Security
All you need to know on security for Windows 8 apps with HTML/JavaScript.

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Now Out
Along with the release of Windows Phone 8, the Windows Phone 8 SDK is now available for free download. You can get it from here. With this you can create applications for the new Windows 8 devices and use lots of yummy new features. And they are yummy. I’m using a couple of them in a “groundbreaking new application” that I’m working on in top secret. It’s so secret that I’m only allowing myself to see every other character of the code. And no, the groundbreaking part is not that you can use it as a shovel.

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Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Service
Almost most of us who work in our personal systems often face challenges when it comes to learn something on Team Foundation Server, because the biggest challenges we face is setting up the environment, acquiring the server license, configuring the environment, setting up the client applications, etc.

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Windows Phone Launch and BUILD Day 1 Keynote Summary
Today marks the first day of the BUILD conference.  Recordings of sessions will be available online at within 24-48 hours.

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Videos we favorited

Videos of talks from the 2012 BUILD Conference – Angle Brackets and Curly Braces

Scott Hanselman delivers 2 very good presentations on BUILD 2012 on ASP.NET, WebAPI, Azure and much more. Enjoy!

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

Building Apps for Windows Phone 8

It’s a very exciting time for developers!  Last week, we launched Windows 8 and Surface. On Monday, we launchedWindows Phone 8 and introduced some awesome new smartphone devices. Today, we’re kicking off the Build conference, where we’ll join with thousands of developers in person, and with hundreds of thousands virtually, to explore the opportunities available with Microsoft platforms and tools.  And now, in conjunction with yesterday’s Windows Phone 8 news and with our goal of having tools available on the same cadence as the platforms, I’m very excited to share that theWindows Phone SDK 8.0, including Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Phone, is now available for download. Read more

Entity Framework 6 Released as Alpha 1

Less than three months after Entity Framework 5 was released, Microsoft this week announced the availability of EF6 Alpha 1, targeting a release to manufacturing date around mid-2013 for the database object relational mapping tool. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Developing HTML5 Apps Jump Start (contains free voucher!)

Register now to take your HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 exam (70-480 for free using the voucher code HTMLJMP or watch this online course to hone your HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3 skills. (The voucher code is available through 3/31/2013 while supplies last.) Read more


Be part of the app revolution. Join thousands of developers around the world as we build apps for the next generation of Windows. There will be dozens of event venues from college campuses to Microsoft offices, all buzzing with energy, music, free food and more. Expert help, free resources. Microsoft app experts, developers and trainers will be available to assist your learning and coding. Read more

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