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Articles we enjoyed

Get Loaded with the File API
Why do avatar uploads restrict us on file size? You know, “Please select an image (maximum 50 KB).” And why haven't photo manipulation Web apps come to fruition, since canvas has been around for a while? The answer to both these questions comes down to performance. Until now we’ve needed a slow plug-in or a route via a server to create and modify files in the browser. But for Internet Explorer 10, Firefox and Chrome users, developers have in their arsenal the awesome File API to make these operations possible natively in the browser.

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SQLite with Windows 8 apps
The great folks on the SQLite team, they’ve packaged the binaries up (for Windows 8 apps) in a nice installer using the Extension SDK format.  What this means is you now add a ‘reference’ to the SQLite binary and based on the architecture being built for your package, it will pull in the right DLL without you having to manage that yourself.  Here’s some step-by-step…

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Two-way binding in WinJS
The trick to solve one of the big missings of WinJS databinding: the lack of Two-way support.

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Windows 8 Game Development For The Win
With the recent announcement by Unity and Epic on tool and framework support for Windows 8, I thought it would be good to review all the options for game development on Windows 8 and provide pointers to the support you need to get your game in the store.

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Videos we favorited

Deep dive into WinJS

To build great Windows Store apps with the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS), it helps to start thinking about things like activation and Process Lifetime Management as early as app conception. This talk covers key concepts to keep in mind while you structure your app, and it also offers some tips and tricks for handling asynchrony and data binding.

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