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Articles we enjoyed

Pain-Free Data Access in JavaScript–Yes, JavaScript
Although I think of myself as a plumber when it comes to software development, I have to do a fair amount of client-side development as well. Even in this column, I venture into client apps where they intersect with data access. But when the client side is JavaScript, it’s never been pretty—my JavaScript skills, unfortunately, are still lacking and each learning curve is a world of pain for me (and for my Twitter followers, who are subjected to my venting). But it’s always worth it when I push through the brick wall and get to success.

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Windows Azure Mobile Services: A Robust Back End for Your Device Applications
During the last few years, the developer’s landscape has been characterized by three main features: multiple devices and OSes to support; applications that rely on asynchronous Web services, typically hosted in the cloud; and variable traffic that complicates resource planning and provisioning. The new Microsoft Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) simplifies the implementation of software architectures that address this type of environment.

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Buy a Certification Set of Exams and save up to 15% plus get free second shot
Laid out below are the sets of exams necessary for MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML 5 and MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using C#. These sets of exams save you up to 15% off regular exam prices, and for a limited time comes with a 2nd shot attached to each exam.

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Speech-Enabling a Windows Phone 8 App with Voice Commands
One recent evening I was running late for an after-work meeting with an old friend. I knew he was already driving to the rendezvous, so calling him would be out of the question. Nevertheless, as I dashed out of my office and ran toward my car, I grabbed my Windows Phone and held down the Start button. When I heard the “earcon” listening prompt, I said, “Text Robert Brown,” and when the text app started up, I said, “Running late, leaving office now,” followed by “send” to send the text message.

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Web to Windows 8: Security
Years ago I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to play golf. Before I signed up for lessons at my local driving range, I had never picked up a golf club. At my first lesson, the instructor asked me if I had ever had lessons before or ever tried to play golf. When I told him no, he said, “Good! We won’t have any old habits to get out of your swing.”

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Videos we favorited

Windows 8 Hands-on Labs Online!

Hands -on Labs Online (HOLOs) are online events where you listen to a live presentation and work on lab exercises. As you work on your labs, Microsoft experts can assist and provide guidance by chatting with you one-on-one or by virtually taking control of your lab.

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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Do you know a student who could use $50K?

Imagine Cup is Microsoft's premier student competition. This year we have expanded opportunities to win, with prizes and travel exceeding US$300K. Learn more about the event in Russia, July 2013, and make sure to tell your favorite students. All dreams really are welcome. Read more

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