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Books we recommend

Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using JavaScript: Hilo (Windows) – Book Download

This is a PDF version of the on-line guidance "Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using JavaScript: Hilo (Windows)"

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Articles we enjoyed

Understand Lambda Expressions in 3 minutes
WHAT is a Lambda Expression? WHY do we need lambda expressions? (Why would we need to write a method without a name?)

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The More I Know, the Less I Know
I used to be very confident in my abilities as a software developer. I used to be able to walk up to a group of software developers and tell them exactly what they were doing wrong and exactly what was the “right” way to do things. I used to be sure of this myself.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

How to convert between (most) audio formats in .NET

Audio can be stored in many different file and compression formats, and converting between them can be a real pain. It is especially difficult in a .NET application, since the framework class library provides almost no support for the various Windows APIs for audio compression and decompression. In this article I will explain what different types of audio file formats are available, and what steps you will need to go through to convert between formats. Then I'll explain the main audio codec related APIs that Windows offers. I'll finish up by showing some working examples of converting files between various formats in .NET, making use of my open source NAudio library. Read more

Quickly build and deploy native Mac apps in C#.

Introducing Xamarin.Mac Today’s users expect to work seamlessly across mobile and desktop computing environments. Xamarin supports iOSAndroidand now Mac development with Xamarin.Mac. Share up to 90% of app source code across these platforms, and even share code with Windows apps for a total of 2.2 billion devices you can reach in C#. With Xamarin, you can focus on delivering a great user experience across all major platforms and form factors. Read more

The new Facebook application template and library for ASP.NET MVC

If you’re looking to build a Facebook App using ASP.NET MVC, then you’re in the right place. With the release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2, we’ve added lots of updates to our Facebook Application template and library since we first introduced it in the Preview. The library, Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.Facebook, can be downloaded as an independent NuGet package and it contains everything you need to create a Facebook Canvas application using ASP.NET MVC. It’s already included by default in the Facebook Application template to give you a quick jump start on building a Canvas Page. Read more

Knockout Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012

If you enjoy developing with Knockout.js, then you’ll be glad to hear that support has been added for Knockout Intellisense in Visual Studio 2012! These features are pretty cool and will save me and other developers from senseless typos. Developers who are newer to Knockout.js will enjoy the intellisense as an easy way to quickly learn the available built in bindings. Read more

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