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Articles we enjoyed

Hands-on Lab Online: Windows 8: Lab # 3 – Searching and Sharing – JavaScript
What is a HOLO event? It’s an online event where you listen to a live presentation and work on lab exercises. As you work on your labs, Microsoft experts can assist and provide guidance by chatting with you one-on-one or by virtually taking control of your lab. Windows 8: Lab #3: - Searching and Sharing - JavaScript Windows is the premiere development platform in the world. With Windows 8, developers can leverage their existing skills and code assets to create Metro style apps. In this Hands-on-Lab you will learn how to build and share interesting and easy-to-use applications that will make your customers happy.

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Making $30,000 a month on Windows 8 apps
Why should developers build Windows 8 apps? Card Games Chest is one of my Windows 8 apps, together the apps are making more than $30,000 per month in ad revenue and sales (in-app purchase and ads, apps are free), the top app alone made around $20K. The apps enjoyed a hockey-stick growth in the number of downloads. Windows 8 was launched just a few months ago, and already it’s generating revenue for the first apps in the market.

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A Web Developer’s Site Launch Checklist (Including Portable Formats)
At our company we’ve been through it all, from perfect launches to ones that have turned into complete nightmares! Through our experiences we’ve compiled a list, in no particular order, of a process we go through before we launch our sites.

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Alive with activity, Part 1: Working with tiles, badges, and toasts
Live tiles and the related capabilities of badges, toast notifications, and push notifications are one of the most distinguishing features of Windows 8 and Windows Store apps. They combine to create a system that is “alive with activity”: apps have a constant flow of info coming in from their services that’s visible on both the Start screen and the lock screen, even when those apps aren’t running.

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Windows Store Apps: A Guide for WPF and Silverlight Developers, Part 1
This article is the first of two I’m writing for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight developers who are creating Windows Store apps. This first one is more theoretical, whereas the second is more practically oriented. In this first article, I explain some of the new features in Windows Runtime andthe most common differences you’ll encounter when transitioning to Windows Store app development, coming from a world of either Windows Phone 7, WPF/Silverlight or even traditional .NET development.

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Videos we favorited

Building a Windows Store Game Using HTML and JavaScript available from

I am proud to announce my first course with is now available for viewing!  The course runs a little over two hours in length, includes complete source code, and step-by-step labs for each chapter.  I’ve never been a fan of having to spend hours going through an SDK and the intent of this course is to learn from example.  I move you from having no tools installed on your machine to a complete game you can then download and modify as you wish.  In fact, I published the game created in the course to the Windows Store recently so if you have a Windows 8 machine be sure to check it out.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

EF6 Alpha 3 Available on NuGet

A couple of months back we released EF6 Alpha 2, since then we've been adding new features, polishing existing features and fixing bugs. Today we are pleased to announce the availability of Alpha 3. EF6 is being developed in an open source code base on CodePlex, see our open source announcement for more details. Read more

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