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Articles we enjoyed

Entity Framework Links #4
This is the fourth post in a regular series to recap interesting articles, posts and other happenings in the EF world.

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Quick tip: How to Make Ninject work with ASP.NET Web API
Dependency Injection is something which comes along with almost every new project we are building nowadays. I've recently used Web API several times from it's alpha version and now to the latest versions... With each new version, there were some updates to Ninject in order to make it work properly and be easily configurable with Web API mechanism. It's very natural to use Dependency Injection with Web API as it's also based on Controllers same as in any ASP.NET MVC application.

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Learn CSS Layout
This site teaches the CSS fundamentals that are used in any website's layout. I assume you already know what selectors, properties, and values are. And you probably know a thing or two about layout, though it may still be a rage-provoking activity for you. If you want to learn HTML and CSS from the beginning, you should check out this tutorial. Otherwise, let's see if we can save you some fury on your next project.

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Get in the Cloud. Get Certified.
The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification validates your foundation of core technical skills and prepares you for a sustainable IT career. To help you get there, we present the 90 Days to MCSA program, a plan of action with a focus on Windows Server and SQL Server. The plan gives you a clear roadmap, tools and community support, all designed to help you achieve your MCSA goal at a pace that works. Make a commitment to yourself and get started today.

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Building a Game With JavaScript: Making Things Move
The game we’re building will have waves of enemy ships fly in to attack the player’s units. Let’s begin by making a simple enemy as well as some dummy targets for them to attack. I’m going to keep the graphics very simple for the moment. Likewise we are going to focus on the enemy behavior and not worry about any player interaction just yet.

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Videos we favorited

Working With Jeet: an Alternative Responsive Framework

Jeet is a lightweight, responsive framework which gets away from presentational classes, instead focusing on markup, style and semantics.

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Visual Studio Achievements For Windows Store Apps

In this episode, Karsten Januszewski joins us to talk about the latest version of the Visual Studio Achievements extension. Once you install this extension, you can unlock achievements based on things you do in Visual Studio. The latest version adds nineteen new achievements oriented toward Windows Store app development.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Helping you select an MV* framework

Developers these days are spoiled with choice when it comes to selecting an MV* framework for structuring and organizing their JavaScript web apps. Backbone, Ember, AngularJS, Spine... the list of new and stable solutions continues to grow, but just how do you decide on which to use in a sea of so many options? To help solve this problem, we created TodoMVC - a project which offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in most of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today. Read more

15 Useful Websites For Testing Code Snippets

In this collection, we have collected 15 helpful websites for testing code snippets. These websites will be of great importance for the web developers as they constantly need to check and verify their codes in order to make sure that everything is working fine. We hope that with this list of code snippets testing you can easily check your codes. Although, there are loads of online tools available for the web developers that they can use to check their codes and some of them even allow them to edit or modify their codes. Read more

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