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Articles we enjoyed

Keep The Cash. Publish apps.Get up to $2000
Now, fill out the form below. You can get a $100 virtual Visa card for every qualified app you enter (up to $2000*). So don't stop with just one app! If you're eligible to receive the offer, we'll notify you by email.

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Jason Haley – Interesting Finds
Interesting Daily Finds

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Windows Azure: New Hadoop service + HTML5/JS (CORS), PhoneGap, Mercurial and Dropbox support
Today we released a number of great enhancements to Windows Azure. These new capabilities include: Mobile Services: HTML5/JS (CORS) Client + PhoneGap + Windows Phone 7.5 + .NET Portable Library support
Web Sites: Mercurial Source Control + Dropbox Deployment support
HDInsight: New service that enables you to easily deploy and manage Hadoop Clusters on Azure
All of these improvements are now available to start using immediately (note: some services are still in preview).

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Backbone.js Tutorial: Build Environment
This new Backbone.js tutorial series will walk you through building a single page web application that has a customised Backbone.sync implementation. I started building the application that these tutorials are based on back in August, and it’s been running smoothly for a few months now so I thought it was safe enough to unleash it.

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SignalR: Building real time web applications
SignalR offers a simple and clean API to write real time web applications where the server needs to continuously push data to clients. Common applications are chat, news feed, notifications, multiplayer games.

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Videos we favorited

Programming in C# Jump Start

This course covers C#, Microsoft’s managed C-style language for the .Net Framework. In typical Jump Start fashion, this session will be engaging and demo rich. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jerry Nixon and the co-founder of Crank211, Daren May, provide sample after sample to show simple and complex techniques you can take back to your workplace.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Generic Object Storage Helper for WinRT

Project Description ObjectStorageHelper<T> is a Generic class that simplifies storage of data in WinRT applications while still maintaining the Async principles of Windows 8 apps Overview While exploring WinRT I realised that there was a need for a way to simplify storage of data to theRoamingFolderTemporaryFolder & LocalFolder storage folders and so ObjectStorageHelper<T> was born. Read more

Brew 1.0 has arrived!

Brew is an open source library of interface components for ASP.NET which utilizes jQuery and jQuery UI. If Brew looks familiar, that's for good reason. Brew is a heavily refactored fork of the Juice UI project. Read more


Backbone has come a long way since its initial release as a small extraction of the JavaScript Model/View layer of an open-source web application(funnily enough, exactly 888 days ago). Read more

Playing with the EF6 Alpha

There’s nothing like a shiny new toy to play with, and although it’s possible to download nightly builds of Entity Framework 6 (EF6) as it evolves, I waited for the first packaged alpha release (which came on Oct. 30, 2012) to dig in and start playing. Read more

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