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Using Entity Framework Code First with Stored Procedures that have Output Parameters
I’m working with a team on a new customer project that uses Entity Framework Code First on the backend for CRUD operations. It’s been a nice ORM to work with since it really simplifies the process of mapping relational objects to CLR objects and lets you do it through fluent mappings. Working with Plain Old CLR Objects (POCOs) is something I’ve always liked since they keep the code base super clean and shiny. I can’t say that I really miss the .edmx files that I used previously with the database first or model first approaches.

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JavaScript Best Practices
The use of JavaScript has exploded over time. Now it is practically unheard of for a website not to utilize JavaScript to some extent. As a web developer who has concentrated on back-end coding in C# and front-end look and feel via HTML and CSS, my skills in JavaScript evolved over time instead of by conscious effort. While this is not uncommon, it can allow for some bad habits to be formed. This set of best practices is my way of taking a step back and addressing JavaScript as a first-class language, with both good parts and bad parts. My concentration will be on just JavaScript, regardless of where it is run. However, you will see references in here to the browser and to Visual Studio. This is simply because that is where I live, not because either are necessary for these best practices to apply. And so, without further ado, let's jump right in and see just how far down this rabbit hole goes.

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Git Integration in Visual Studio 2012 after Update 2
As we all know, Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 went live a couple of days back. As with each official release, it has a host of enhancements to your favorite IDE, but for me it was important for one more reason. With the Release version of Update 2 out, I could now go ahead and try out Visual Studio Tools for Git.

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Essential Reactive Extensions with .NET 4.5 and LINQ
Processing collections of data is a very common requirement when developing software. Fortunately, the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 gave us LINQ and this improved manipulating such collections, even to the point of making it easy in many cases. With the .NET Framework 4 and 4.5, asynchronous programming was the focus -- especially given the new async pattern in 4.5. Unfortunately, the combination of both collections and asynchronous programming is still filled with significant complexity. It's this problem domain that the Reactive Extensions (Rx) library is designed to address. …

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MongoDB with C#: Deep Dive
In the previous article in this series on MongoDB, I explained how to get started with the C# driver in a simple Windows console application. I analyzed several options for generating your own domain classes and mapping them to their underlying MongoDB document-oriented schemata. In this third and final installment in the series, I dive into using the MongoDB C# driver in an ASP.NET MVC Web application.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue


The Durandal StarterKit sets up a basic navigation-style architecture for you along with a couple of basic screens. Adding your own screens is as simple as creating modules and views, putting them in the proper location and registering them with the router. Let's see how this application is put together... Read more

Great news for web developers! WebMatrix 3 is here.

WebMatrix 3 is the newest version of WebMatrix, which is an amazing web-development tool bundle. In the bundle are a Web server, database engines, various programming languages and more. Advised for developers using ASP.Net, PHP, Node.js and/or HTML5.
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Windows Phone 8 Training Kit

Windows Phone 8 Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content to help you learn how to build applications for Windows Phone.

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