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Articles we enjoyed

The idea of a Domain Specific Language (DSL) is not new. Probably the most well known DSL is SQL – a language for working with databases. A DSL is typically constrained to a specific domain or a specific task (hence the name). A DSL may be a completely new language (such as SQL), and this is termed “external DSL”, and it can be constructed using a specific language semantics, such as C#, by leveraging certain language features that make up the “new” language. in C#, extension methods and “fluent interfaces” are most often used for that task.

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Knockoutjs with MVC4
Knockout.js - is a popular JavaScript library that allows easy creation of feature-rich applications based on Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern: user interface can be bound to a separate existing data model. And any change of the model will result in dynamic refresh of the interface.

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Concurrency Control of WCF Service with Entity Framework
In a previous article (WCFandEF.aspx), we implemented a simple WCF service with one operation, GetProduct. That operation accepts an integer (the product ID) as the input, and connects to a backend database to retrieve the product details for the specified product ID through Entity Framework.
In this article, we will enhance that WCF service with another operation, UpdateProduct, to update a product in the database through the Entity Framework. We will add concurrency control support to this operation, and we will create a test client to test the UpdateProduct operation with concurrency control support.

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Implementing a finite-state machine using async/await
The goal of the article is to show how to utilize async/await feature which comes with .NET 4.5, to easily implement finite-state machine pattern.

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Background Tasks in Windows Store Apps
Developing Windows Store apps is a change of pace for a lot of developers. Unless you've migrated from the Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 world, the sandboxed and controlled environment might call for a bit of an adjustment. One feature you'll have to contend with is the lifecycle of a Windows Store app. In traditional desktop development, the user controls when an application's running. He can choose to run one or 20 applications at once, and each application continues to have access to system resources and the CPU.

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Videos we favorited

Building an HTML5 Web Sockets Server with ASP.NET 4.5

ASP.NET 4.5 now includes support for HTML5 Web Sockets which can provide a great way to add real-time communication to a Web app where a server can actually push data live to one or more clients. In this video from the New Features in ASP.NET 4.5 Pluralsight course I walk through getting started with creating a Web Sockets server using a Nuget package from Microsoft called Microsoft.WebSockets.

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dotnetConf Channel

You can view all of the dotnetConf videos on this Youtube channel!

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IWP54 | Windows Phone Data Binding and the Magic of XAML

Data binding is one of the fundamental concepts for good Windows Phone application design but can be difficult to grasp for newcomers. The core concept is this: No one wants to manually update the user interface elements. I want my UI to automatically reflect the state of my application and data binding helps us do this. We can work exclusively on our Windows Phone UI, bind the values in the UI and then work on the inner logic of the application knowing that all the updates are being reflected to the user. Because of the power in the model you see in this video and post, there are some really great "fringe" benefits in terms of interaction and design that we get along with the core benefits.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Parse JSON Strings in Windows Runtime Components

Windows Store apps built with JavaScript let anyone with HTML and JavaScript skills build native Windows apps, but JavaScript isn’t always the best choice to solve every problem. Some behavior in your apps might be better implemented in a more object-oriented fashion using C#, Visual Basic or C++. Also, certain aspects of your code might be a candidate for reuse among multiple Windows Runtime (WinRT) components that require data from the UI layer. Passing data from JavaScript into WinRT components and back to the UI is important to understand in either of these situations. Read more

Monetize Your Windows 8 Apps with Free InMobi Ad SDK

Download the InMobi Ad SDK and get paid for delivering ads to your users. Read more

Facebook SDK for .NET Released

Facebook today released the Facebook SDK for .NET, to enable Windows-focused developers to integrate their applications with Facebook. The SDK was announced on the Windows Phone Developer Blog. The open-source SDK is C#/XAML based, and can be found at the Outercurve Web site. Most developers will want to install the SDK using NuGet (this page recommends having the latest version of NuGet; some features of the SDK won't work with older versions.) Read more

Announcing the Release of WebMatrix 3

I’m excited to announce the release of WebMatrix 3.  WebMatrix is a free, lightweight web development tool we first introduced in 2010, and which provides a great, focused web development experience for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js. Read more

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