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Articles we enjoyed

Google Analytics integration with Windows 8
Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics & reports about the visits to your website. It is the most widely used website statistics service. However the product is not limited to track visits, but also provides search analysis, event tracking, eCommerce and many more cool features that you might think off. It provides easy to integrate api's that you can use with any web application. The tracking is not limited to websites but also to android and iOS apps. In this article we'll see how to setup Google Analytics, integration with windows 8 metro app using a nice utility called GoogleAnalyticsTracker and monitoring it in GA.

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Windows Store apps with XAML and HTML: Writing C# components for the Windows Store apps
In this scenario, the Windows Store apps, let you to create reusable components, called "Windows Runtime Component", that may be written using C# or C++. These components may be used directly from your HTML or also XAML application but they have a number of limitations that comes from this sharing between different technologies.

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Dynamically evaluated SQL LINQ queries
Have you ever wanted to execute simple SQL SELECT statements against in-memory collections and lists? Well, I have, and this article presents a mechanism to do that utilizing LINQ and runtime generated and compiled Lambda Expressions.

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Designing a Windows 8 Metro style app starting from an existing Windows Phone app – Design Case Study Part 1
A lot of the Windows Phone developers out there are already considering porting their Windows Phone apps to Windows 8. May be you are thinking: from Metro to Metro - it has to be pretty easy and straightforward, doesn’t it? Let’s see if this is true.

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Databinding in Windows 8 JavaScript Metro style Apps
One of the nice features of the new JavaScript Windows Metro style app templates in the Visual Studio 11 beta is that they provide built-in support for databinding, using sample data in a JSON array

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Videos we favorited

From Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 Metro, one app’s journey

With Windows 8 and Metro a common question is, "How hard is it to re-use, re-purpose or port a Windows Phone 7 app to a Windows 8 Metro Style app?"

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

What’s New in Entity Framework 5.0?

Getting straight to the point, Entity Framework 5.0 uses the so-called “auto-compiled” queries feature which compiles (read “translates”) the Entity SQL or LINQ to Entities expression tree in a pure SQL... Read more

Visual Studio 2012, Update 3 Ready for Production

The third update of Visual Studio 2012 has progressed to  Release Candidate (RC) stage, and is now available as a "go-live" version,  meaning you can put it on a production server. The first Community Technology Preview (CTP) of VS 2012,  Update 3 was released last month. That iteration wasn't for production. This RC version of Update 3 is  for both Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Security Development Conference 2012

The inaugural Security Development Conference 2012 (SDC 2012) will bring together industry professionals to network and learn from security experts about secure development practices. Read more

Norwegian Developers Conference

NDC 2012 will be the 5th NDC so far. Since the startup in 2008 with 850 participants, NDC has come a long way. At NDC 2011 more than 1500 people attended the conference during the three days. Read more

Windows 8 Camp at Hull

On June the 6th we are having a Windows 8 Camp at Hull. Read more

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