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If you've written a game for the Windows Store or for Windows Phone, you may have noticed that some markets require the use of game rating certificates. If you're like me, your initial reaction may have been "that looks hard" and as a result just skipped the process and only published where certificates aren't required (for example, here in the United States, ESRB certification is optional).

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It’s All Here – New Developer Training and Certification Resources Page the source for you to find Microsoft developer training and certification to help you validate advanced skills and differentiate your abilities. Find training, exams, videos, online study groups, forums, success stories and additional exam prep resources - to help you earn your MCSD certification.

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Designing Experiences for Responsive Web Sites: Adapting Your Content From 4-Inch Phones to 40-Inch TVs
Responsive Web design is intended to ensure that a site’s layout and content scale fluidly to the available screen real estate. This is a great approach for focusing your investments on improving site content and user functionality while ensuring that users have a good experience regardless of what device and screen size they use to visit your site. If you didn’t read the first article in this series, “Why the Web Is Ready for Responsive Web Design,” be sure to read it first.

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Creating LINQ-Enabled Frameworks
Many developers use LINQ without fully realizing the power at their fingertips. The features of the language enable queries of in-memory collections or external data sources, and Microsoft has extended those queries to events and other observable sources via Reactive Extensions (Rx). With the exception of query expressions, many LINQ-supporting language features of C# 3.0 are now commonplace.

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Windows Azure: Major Updates for Mobile Backend Development
Windows Azure Mobile Services provides the ability to easily stand up a mobile backend that can be used to support your Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and HTML5 client applications. Starting with the first preview we supported the ability to easily extend your data backend logic with server side scripting that executes as part of client-side CRUD operations against your cloud back data tables.

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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Getting Started with Microsoft Big Data, Hive & HDInsight Jump Start

This is the first of a three-Jump Start series tailored for architects and seasoned developers interested in a demo-heavy learning experience introducing Microsoft’s Big Data solution set. Microsoft Technical Evangelist Saptak Sen will start with setting up and loading data into Windows Azure storage and a Windows Azure HDInsight cluster. Read more

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