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Articles we enjoyed

What’s new in XAML for Windows 8.1
In the recently concluded //Build 2013 conference, Microsoft showcased the future of development on all Microsoft platforms and today we start a mini-series looking at some of the new stuff that came out. We start off with XAML and see what’s new in XAML for Windows 8.1 store apps. Though it’s not the official moniker, I’ll just call it XAML for Windows 8.1.

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Using HTML 5 SessionState to save rendered Page Content
HTML 5 SessionState and LocalStorage are very useful and super easy to use to manage client side state. For building rich client side or SPA style applications it's a vital feature to be able to cache user data as well as HTML content in order to swap pages in and out of the browser's DOM. What might not be so obvious is that you can also use the sessionState and localStorage objects even in classic server rendered HTML applications to provide caching features between pages. These APIs have been around for a long time and are supported by most relatively modern browsers and even all the way back to IE8, so you can use them safely in your Web applications.

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Videos we favorited

Knockout ViewModel Generator for Visual Studio

This extension is great if you are working with Knockout in your project . You can grab it in the extension gallery by searching for: Knockout Visit Andreas blog to show him your support:

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Profiling Entity Framework Code First With MiniProfiler

When I tried to find an up to date tutorial on using MiniProfiler with Entity Framework Code First I couldn’t find any that I could use – all either referred old versions of assemblies or didn’t include all information, so here is one.

MiniProfiler presents itself as a “simple but effective mini-profiler for .NET and Ruby”, and indeed it is! Let’s forget about the Ruby part, which I don’t know: it offers an interesting, non-intrusive approach to getting simple performance measures for the execution of ASP.NET MVC action methods and, what interests me more, database calls, such as those produced by EF. Its pluggable nature, however, can potentially lend itself to other uses – more on this on a future post.

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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Building Windows Store Apps for iOS Developers Jump Start

Attention iOS! Join this Jump Start to learn how to develop and monetize apps for Windows Store. We are excited to present Microsoft Principal Technical Evangelist Jaime Rodriguez and Big Nerd Ranch trainers Eric Jeffers and Sean McCune to share some of their lessons learned in transitioning from iOS to Windows Store development. We will use iOS terms and concepts to explain features in Windows, ensuring that you can make use of what you already know and learn the new concepts in your own terms. Register now for a packed, fun-filled, interactive event. Read more

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