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Articles we enjoyed

Creating Mobile-Optimized Views in ASP.NET MVC 4
If you scratch the surface of common-sense considerations about programming mobile sites, you find an inherent contradiction. On one hand, you hear people screaming about being (or willing to be) mobile-first in their approach to programming applications and sites. On the other hand, you often hear the same people praise CSS media queries and liquid layouts. The contradiction I see is that the common use being made of CSS media queries and liquid layouts doesn’t put the mobile perspective before everything—it’s not a mobile-first technique. In this article I’ll explain how to use server-side logic to offer up the best display for a given device, incorporating a new feature of ASP.NET MVC 4 called display modes.

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Activate the Windows Azure benefits included with your MSDN subscription and you could win an Aston Martin.
Windows Azure accelerates the development and testing of your applications. Self-provision as many virtual machines as you need for your application development and testing in the cloud without waiting for hardware, procurement or internal processes. Activate your Windows Azure MSDN benefit today and start developing and testing your applications with up to $150 in credits on Windows Azure. You can also use your MSDN software such as SQL Server for no additional fee.

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The Chain of Responsibility Pattern in .NET
The Chain of Responsibility Pattern is a common Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) design pattern that decouples the sender of a request from the receiver by allowing one or many handler objects to handle the request. One handler may pass on the request to the next until an object in the chain is able to handle the request.

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Creating XAML Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2013
Code Snippets in VS are basically XML files that sit in a special location (one of two locations, global or user).  These code snippets can apply to many things including languages (C#, VB, etc.) as well as ‘markup’ languages (CSS and now XAML).  You can read more in-depth data about VS Code Snippets here. The basics that I think you want to know are the two main types of snippets: Expansion and SurroundWith.

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Videos we favorited

Asynchronous Debugging in Visual Studio 2013

In this episode, Robert is joined by Brad Sullivan, who shows us asynchronous debugging in Visual Studio 2013. This enhances your debugging experience in both .NET and Windows Store apps. Previously, it could be very difficult for a developer stopped at a breakpoint to know the asynchronous sequence of calls that brought them to the current location.  Now in Visual Studio 2013, the Call Stack window surfaces this information, factoring in new diagnostics information provided by the runtime.

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