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Articles we enjoyed

Dynamically Create ASP Form from SQL Stored Procedure
The purpose of this small .aspx web app is to allow users to execute SQL Stored Procedures. It will build an input form to gather parameter information and return the results generated by the stored proc to a simple gridview or as an .xlsx file downloaded directly to the user’s PC. It allows developers to exclusively work in SQL. When the stored proc is complete, it can be made available for users to call by just calling the .aspx page and passing it the name of the Stored Proc. It was designed mainly to allow developers to create parameter-based queries in the form of SQL Stored Procedures and turn them directly over to users without any additional coding.

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Configuring ASP.NET MVC 5 Login Options
ASP.NET MVC 5 added some great new features. One is brand new security feature (Microsoft.AspNet.Identity) which is based on Open Web Interface for .NET(OWIN) middleware. Means we can easily use OWIN security features(Claims and Login with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.) in ASP.NET as well as in other OWIN based hosts. The default settings for login are fine but you can easily configure them to meet your needs. In this article, I will tell you how to configure the login options in ASP.NET MVC 5.

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Leveraging Windows 8 Features with MVVM
In this article, I’ll look at different ways to let an application use features such as sharing, settings, secondary tiles, application settings and application storage. Using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, dependency injection and some abstraction, I’ll show you how to leverage these features while keeping the presentation layer unit-test friendly.

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Videos we favorited

IWP 58 | Put the Standard Animations in your App

One of the most beautiful design aspects of the Windows Phone OS is the use of motion design. Windows Phone is alive with motion, which acts as a huge differentiator in quality applications. Unfortunately, motion design can be very painstaking work and difficult to implement. Fortunately the Windows Phone Toolkit has everything we need to implement powerful animations that bring your Windows Phone apps to life.

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