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Books we recommend

Testing for Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio 2012

Testing is potentially an obstacle to agile software deployment. The smallest change in your code could require the whole application to be retested. This book shows you how to minimize these costs by using the testing infrastructure of Visual Studio 2012. The code samples gives you a starting point to test your infrastructure.

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Articles we enjoyed

WCF for the Real World, Not Hello World
Presumably you have created a few commercial WCF projects. If not, it is recommended that you create a few Hello World projects first for  getting hand-on experience in WCF. There are tons of tutorials in the  Internet for creating a Hello World WCF project, like Implementing a Hello World WCF Project, and Implementing a WCF Service in the Real World. This article is to demonstrate how to efficiently and effectively manage WCF service development in enterprise environment through team works in order to rapidly develop and deliver decent Web services.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Announcing the release of the Windows Azure SDK 2.1 for .NET

Today we released the v2.1 update of the Windows Azure SDK for .NET.  This is a major refresh of the Windows Azure SDK and it includes some great new features and enhancements. Read more

VS 2012.4 (Update 4) will exist!

Sometime this spring, though for the life of me I can’t find it, I wrote a blog post where I said I thought Update 3 (VS/TFS 2012.3) would be the last update in the VS/TFS 2012 update line.  I often say that nothing that is said about the future is more than a guess with varying levels of confidence.  So, it turns out that I was wrong.  A month or two ago we decided that we were going to need to do a 2012.4 release. Read more

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