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Books we recommend

New eBook: JavaScript Patterns JumpStart Guide – Clean up your JavaScript Code

Over the years I’ve worked with various JavaScript patterns that can be used to clean up code and make it more re-usable and maintainable. By learning some of the key patterns along with concepts such as closures, namespaces and global scope, prototyping, and more you can transform messy JavaScript code into clean JavaScript code and significantly simplify your projects and applications. The challenge is knowing how to get started and finding a resource that explains everything in a way that’s “to the point” and easy to understand.

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The JavaScript and HTML5 Magazine – What’s New this Week?

Here’s what’s new in the world of JavaScript and HTML5. Check out the Flipboard magazine above for a magazine-style reading format that’s available in the browser as well as on mobile and tablet devices.

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Image Free ebook: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release

We’re very excited to announce another free ebook offering from Microsoft Press. Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release (ISBN 9780735682931), by Mitch Tulloch with the Windows Server Team, introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based advice on how the platform can meet the needs of your business. Get the high-level overview you need to begin preparing your deployment now. This book is based on the Preview release and will be updated to cover Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM.

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Articles we enjoyed

Understanding Your Language Choices for Developing Modern Apps
Developing modern software using a single language just doesn’t happen in 2013. Programming has evolved to a polyglot model with domain-specific languages (DSLs) for each tier of development. For example, a popular scenario is to use SQL and C# on the back end and HTML, JavaScript and CSS as the UI languages.

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Windows Azure: New Distributed, Dedicated, High Performance Cache Service + More Cool Improvements
This morning we released some great updates to Windows Azure.  These new capabilities include: Dedicated Cache Service: Announcing the preview of our new distributed, dedicated, high performance cache service AutoScale: Schedule-based auto-scaling for Web Sites and Virtual Machines and richer AutoScale history logs Web Sites: New Web Server Logging Support to save HTTP Logs to Storage Accounts Operation Logs: New Filtering options on top of Operation Logs

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Visual Studio 2013 & TFS 2013 RC is available

Today we released the Release Candidate for the VS 2013 suite of products.  This is a “go-live” production worthy version and will likely be the last publicly available build before we RTM.  I strongly encourage you to try it out and let us know if you find any blocking issues.  The clock is ticking and time is running out for us to make any more changes before the product ships. Read more

Web Deploy PowerShell – the deploy module

Web Deploy PowerShell (wdp) is a set of PowerShell modules for performing web deploy PowerShell commands. This is the deploy module. Get more details at the project site. Read more

Debugging and Tuning Web Sites and Apps with F12 Developer Tools in IE11

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 comes with a completely redesigned and enhanced suite of in-browser developer tools that help developers build, diagnose, and optimize modern Web sites and apps across multiple devices. The new tools, which we call F12 for short, enable Web developers to work quickly and efficiently. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Want to learn a different language? Over the course of 21 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor will teach you the fundamentals of HTML5 & CSS3 programming. Tune in to learn concepts about web pages, CSS3 styles and HTML5 features. We'll walk you through getting the web principals, writing code and much more! Each concept is broken into its own video Read more

Developing ASP.NET MVC4 Web Applications Jump Start

Attention, all developers for the Microsoft platform. Are you ready to start building enterprise web applications? Or do you just need to ramp up on the new MVC (Model View Control) features or update your Microsoft certification? This is the meat and potatoes course that will tell you what you need to know and follows the Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS Jump Start. It’ll also help you prepare for exam 70-486. Read more

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Jump Start

Are you familiar with database fundamentals and working with SQL Server, and now you’re ready to take your skills to the next level? If you just want to understand the process better or you want to be able to retrieve, insert, or update your database information, this is the course for you. You’ll learn about data manipulation statements and how to alter tables – and you’ll see it all put into action in the demos. This course will help you prepare for Exam 70-461. Read more

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