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Articles we enjoyed

Helping Search Engines Handle Pagination
Pagination is found all over the web. However, as handy as it is, it can sometimes cause problems for search engines. In this article you’ll learn how to solve these problems via HTML link elements.

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Unlocking Windows 8 «God Mode» – A Useful Trick but also Mysterious Nonsense
Everyone likes the idea of a cheat mode, or "God Mode." Many years ago - I think around 1993 - Doom introduced the idea of switching a player into God Mode within the game by typing IDDQD. You'd then be invincible and get to feel like you'd discovered an exciting secret "easter egg" in the game. How exciting the developers hid this for us to find! You may have heard of a "God Mode" hidden in the depths of Windows 8 (or 7 for that matter).

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Building the Bing apps for Windows 8
For Windows 8, the Bing team built News, Weather, Finance, Sports, Travel and Maps apps. This technical overview provides insight on the architecture of these apps, key Windows 8 features and the contracts they use, common controls they employ, and world readiness more generally.

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Part 1 of 9: Creating a Complete Windows 8 Game (minus the game)
Emphasis on the word: COMPLETE. (I’m going to generalize a bit here…just for argument’s sake) Developers like solving problems, making stuff work, figuring things out, fixing bugs, adding features.  So, it’s no surprise to me that when I talk to devs about Windows 8, and explain the enormous opportunity behind developing on this platform, I can see the wheels turning in their brain, “Oooh, I’ll make a game that does A, B, C using X technology and maybe create the backend with Y, and use Z API…”  Or, if they’re new to programming, but want to get something published relatively quickly, creating games withGameMakerGameSalad or Construct 2, “I’ll make a platformer, kinda like Mario, but with a little bit of Angry Birds mixed in…” I love the enthusiasm, excitement and gumption to get started with Windows 8!  However, there’s a trend of diving right into code with minimal thought which I think can hurt your game in the long run.

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8 Tips to Sell Windows Store App
Windows 8 provides you a good opportunity to create your local market. This activity can be done by creating useful and unique Windows Store application. In this article, it provides you an eight tips to sell your software in Windows Store. This tips is intended to individual developer who want to sell their application to the Store. By reading this article, an individual can build and sell a good and appealing product by leaving a common mistake that happens in many individual developer.

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Videos we favorited

How to Port iOS apps to Windows Store apps

This session talks about how to port iOS apps to Windows Store apps with mapping relations between iOS and Windows Store apps. We'll cover programming architectures, design principles, UI controls, application lifecycles, and data storage.

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Libraries and Tools for the rescue

The ASP.NET developer checklist

In the beginning of January, we released the Web Developer Checklist with great interest from the general web community. The checklist helps raising awareness of common best practices for building websites. It was always the plan to branch the checklist out into technology specific checklists to make it even easier to apply all the best practices. Today we’re excited to announce the first technology specific checklist – the ASP.NET Developer Checklist. It contains links to many ASP.NET specific tools and solutions to common problems. Read more

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