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Image Building a Release Pipeline with Team Foundation Server 2012

Does this sound familiar? You're expected to produce releases at an ever-increasing rate. You're under pressure to add new features and deploy to customers sometime between your first cup of coffee in the morning and lunch, if you have time to eat it. In the meantime, you have the same release processes you've always had and it's got problems. Maybe there's some automation, but there's room for lots of improvement. Manual steps are everywhere, everyone has a different environment, and working all weekend to get a release into production is normal.

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Free ebook: Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

We are happy to announce a new free ebook – Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals by Mitch Tulloch with the Windows Azure Team! Whether you’re new to the Windows Azure platform or are already using it in your business, this book has something that should interest you. Most Windows Azure services are described in some detail, with screenshots used to demonstrate some of the multitude of capabilities of the platform. And for the experienced we have lots of under-the-hood insights and expert tips written by Microsoft insiders who develop, test, and use the Windows Azure platform.

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Articles we enjoyed

AngularJS on top of ASP.NET: Moving the MVC framework out to the browser
Heavily drawing inspiration from Ruby on Rails, MVC4’s convention over configuration model of development soon became the Holy Grail of .NET web development. The MVC model brought with it the goodness of proper separation of concerns between business logic, data, and the presentation logic. However, the MVC paradigm, was still one in which server side .NET code could be mixed with presentation code...

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C# Read/Write another Process” Memory
This article aims to show you how to read/write a process' memory using C# and some methods found inkernel32.dll. This is a good way to learn a part of WinAPI and also understand the basics of memory allocation.

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throw vs. throw(ex) best practice and difference – c#
Recently I was looking into someone’s code found that they are using the throw(ex) to log exception so I told that person that why you are not using only throw he said there is no difference.. Wait this is not true there is a difference. So, this post is all about throw Vs. throw(ex) best practice and what is difference.

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Deep Dive into IntelliTrace using Visual Studio 2013 for ASP.NET & other .NET Applications
In our previous article IntelliTrace using Visual Studio 2013 Preview we discussed how IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2013 helps in debugging. In this article, we will find out how “.iTrace” files can be created using Microsoft Test Manager and later debugged using Visual Studio. We will also find out the steps for debugging in production environment.

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Announcing the Release of Visual Studio 2013 and Great Improvements to ASP.NET and Entity Framework
Today we released VS 2013 and .NET 4.5.1. These releases include a ton of great improvements, and include some fantastic enhancements to ASP.NET and the Entity Framework.  You can download and start using them now. Below are details on a few of the great ASP.NET, Web Development, and Entity Framework improvements you can take advantage of with this release.

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Videos we favorited

What’s New in Windows Server 2012 R2 Jump Start

View this demo-rich Jump Start showing IT pros the new capabilities and features of Windows Server 2012 R2. Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist Rick Claus and Lead Architect and President of holSystems Corey Hynes demonstrate these new capabilities via numerous scenarios and demos.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Windows 8.1: New APIs and features for developers

Here’s a look at what’s new for developers in Windows 8.1. The Windows user experience continues to evolve, and it’s getting easier to develop, test, and submit apps to the Windows Store. Don’t forget to check out the latest in app samples for developers. We’ve added many new samples and updated others to show what Windows 8.1 has to offer. Note: To find out what’s new for developers in Internet Explorer, see the Internet Explorer 11 developer guide. Read more

Portable Class Library (PCL) now available on all platforms

You can build .NET apps across a wide variety of platforms, and the Portable Class Library (PCL) helps you share your code and libraries across .NET platforms.  Specifically, the PCL provides a set of common reference assemblies that enable .NET libraries and binaries to be used on any .NET based runtime – from phones, to clients, to servers and clouds. Read more

Download the Preview: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2)

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 brings to market new in-memory capabilities built into the core database, including in-memory OLTP, which complements our existing in-memory data warehousing and BI capabilities for the most comprehensive in-memory database solution in the market. SQL Server 2014 also provides new cloud capabilities to simplify cloud adoption for your SQL databases and help you unlock new hybrid scenarios. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Live Online! Microsoft Insights

On Tuesday, October 29, join us as we kick off a series of Microsoft Insights events. Learn about emerging opportunities in technology fields, gain insights into the training available to you, and discover the resources available that will help put you ahead of the pack. Read more

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