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Books we recommend

Free ebook: .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

To help celebrate the Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch, we’re happy to share another free ebook: .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications, by Cesar de la Torre and David Carmona!

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Articles we enjoyed

Anatomy of Distributed System à la Lokad
This is an update of my previous post on Building Blocks à la Lokad. It is based on improvements of the understanding and terminology thanks to Vaughn Vernon. It also shamelessly borrows from the subject of my continuous fascination: biology and nature itself. Let's start with the high-level overview of a Software-as-a-Service company (SaaS). This company could employ a range of systems needed to deliver its services to customers. Systems will be separate to reduce coupling and reduce the friction, as company evolves and grows (smaller the company is, more important this becomes).

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Introduction to WebSockets on Windows Azure Web Sites
Windows Azure Web Sites has recently added support for the WebSocket protocol. Both .NET developers and node.js developers can now enable and use WebSockets in their applications. There is a new option on a web site’s Configuration tab to enable WebSockets support for an application.

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Visual Studio 2013 Launch: Announcing Visual Studio Online
Today, I’m very excited to launch Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1.  I am also thrilled to announce Visual Studio Online, a collection of developer services that runs on Windows Azure and extends the development experience in the cloud.  Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Online represent the beginning of a new era for Visual Studio, combining a powerful desktop IDE with rich developer services in the cloud.

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Build Office 365 Cloud Business Apps with Visual Studio 2013
The requirements, expectations and importance of business applications have never been greater than they are today. Modern business applications need to access data available inside and outside the organization. They need to connect individuals across the organization and help them collaborate with each other in rich and interesting ways. The applications themselves need to be available on multiple types of devices and form factors, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops with various screen sizes.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Windows 8.1 app samples

This sample pack includes all the app code examples developed and updated for Windows 8.1. The sample pack provides a convenient way to download all the samples at once. The samples in this sample pack are available in C#, C++, and JavaScript. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition

HTML and XAML developers, are you ready to start having fun with Windows 8.1? Join Microsoft developer experts for a dive deep into the gadget and devices side of Windows 8.1, including USB, Bluetooth, point of sale, and even 3d printing. You’ll find out about some awesome new features in both HTML and XAML and look at some early versions of great toolkits. Build on your core skills and take advantage of everything Windows 8.1 has to offer. Read more

Windows Azure Dev Camp Online

With Windows Azure, you can use almost any language, framework or tool to build or move existing applications into the cloud. It's a smart way to leverage your current development skills – and take your coding chops to the next level. Attend both morning sessions or pick your favorite. It's your choice. These are online events, so you can tune in from the office, your living room or even the dog park. Whatever you do, don't miss these valuable virtual learning sessions. Register today and make it happen in the cloud! Read more

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