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Articles we enjoyed

Microsoft Web Apps Set of Exams Voucher
Buy a Certification Set of Exams and save up to 15% plus get free second shot

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Mobile Game Primer
Until recently, the performance of browser-based games for mobile devices lagged significantly behind desktop performance. If you created a Canvas-based mobile game, performance was terrible, and you needed to build your game around the limitations of the platform. Developing a usable game relied on tricks like scaling up from very low resolutions or doing partial screen updates instead of full refreshes. This meant your game’s design was limited by the platform’s weaknesses rather than your creativity.

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Right-Click, Create Unit Tests
For those who are disappointed with the removal of the "Create Unit Tests..." context menu in Visual Studio 2012, here are few methods for you to re-enable the feature:

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Videos we favorited

Microsoft DevRadio: (Part 9) Practical Azure with Jim O’Neil – Windows Azure Web Sites

In Part 9 of his Windows Azure series, Jim O’Neil covers Windows Azure Web Sites and breaks down the reasons why you would want to use this type of application hosting service when compared to Azure Virtual Machines and Cloud Services.

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Microsoft DevRadio: XAML and Windows 8 App Development

Jerry Nixon welcomes Principal Program Lead, Tim Heuer to the show as they discuss all things XAML for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Tune in as they chat about it history plus new features in XAML and Visual Studio 2012 as well as “Project Callisto

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Developing an end-to-end Windows Store app using JavaScript: Hilo (Windows)

The JavaScript version of the Hilo photo sample provides guidance to JavaScript developers who want to create a Windows 8 app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the Windows Runtime, and modern development patterns. Hilo comes with source code and documentation. Read more

WAVE cross-platform engine

The ultimate solution that enables you, game developer, to focus in creating mobile games. Read more

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