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How To Market Yourself as a Software Developer
It is great as a developer to improve your technical skills. However, something very important that is usually neglected is marketing yourself! I would like to present to you a huge package named "How To Market Yourself as a Software Developer". The content in this package is HUGE! We are talking over 1.5 gigs of downloads. Here is what all is contained in the package:
  • Why Marketing Yourself Is Important eBook. Where they’ll reveal to you just how beneficial marketing yourself can be to your career and give you the basic plan we’ll be following in this course.
  • Building a Brand video course. A complete training course to show you how to build your personal brand and promote it successfully to increase your earning potential.
  • How to Create a Blog video tutorials. They’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own blog and give you my secret formula for making it popular.
  • The Ultimate Developer Guide to Social Networks. No fluff advice on using social networks to reinforce your brand and use them to make an impact.
  • Resume Advice That Will Make or Break You. You really won’t want to miss this one. Especially if you are looking for a new job.
  • The Complete Guide to Getting Your Name Out There. Want to get published? Create online videos or tutorial? Good, they’ll show you how.
  • Networking Do’s and Don’ts for Developers. Here They’ll tell you why most developers and other professionals are doing it wrong.
  • 8 Video Interviews With Top Developers who will share with you their secrets to successfully marketing themselves and building their own personal brands.
This package could be one of the best investments in your career that you will ever make. Also, you can use the following discount code for 100$ off! ===> "superlaunch" Just go here, buy the course now and enter the code superlaunch to get $100 off! Hurry up though, they are going to be shutting down this discount in a couple of days.

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Articles we enjoyed

Using Visual States in Your Windows Phone User Controls
One of the most important aspects of building applications for any platform is to provide an intuitive, responsive interface. This of course raises a challenge when the user invokes a task that might take some time to complete; for example, refreshing a feed of data might take a couple of seconds for the data to be fetched.

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Visual Studio Online Guidance for Consulting Teams and Systems Integrators
If you are a consulting team or systems integrator partner this post is for you. In the Visual Studio Online team we are aware that many of you are looking for ways to more efficiently deliver projects for your customers. It has been a very popular scenario in the adoption of Visual Studio Online. We are also aware that many of you are starting to adopt, or are already using Visual Studio Online and receiving the benefits of a fully managed Application Lifecycle Management platform that allows you to focus on building software, not managing infrastructure.

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OOP In JavaScript: What You NEED to Know
The main principle with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is the use of Classes (Functions in JavaScript) to create objects, and that objects are implemented in a manner that allows them to adopt Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation. We are only concerned with Inheritance and Encapsulation, since only these are applicable for OOP in JavaScript. Essentially, objects can encapsulate functionalities and inherit methods and properties.

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Videos we favorited

Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Xamarin and Azure Mobile Services

This is the third of a four part series on building cross platform apps using Xamarin and C#. In this episode Robert is joined by James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin, who discusses how to leverage Azure Mobile Services and Xamarin to transform an offline app to a cloud connected cross-platform mobile app. We will integrate oAuth into our application to store our data on a per user basis, all of which will be shared using the same C# code across Android, iOS, and Windows from one Portable Class Library.

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Video Available: Developing High Performance Websites and Modern Apps with JavaScript and HTML5

Creating high performance sites and apps is crucial for every developer. In this session, we will explore the best practices and performance tricks, including startup time, UI responsiveness, and memory efficiency to make your apps running faster and fluid. A causal game will be used to illustrate step by step how to optimize the game by applying all the optimization strategy.  Come learn the tips, tricks, and tools for maximizing the performance of your sites and apps with JavaScript and HTML5.

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