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Articles we enjoyed

Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS) and Intermediate Certificates
Using SSL with Windows Azure Web sites is a popular scenario, and while uploading and assigning a cert to your site is usually simple and straightforward (as discussed in our recent blog posts 1 and 2), some customers have had challenges with this when their certificate provider uses Intermediate certificates.

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Best Practices for Designing a Fluent API
In my previous column, "When to Build Fluent Interfaces for Re-Use and Clarity," I discussed the design considerations that I would take into account in deciding to build a fluent API. While I appreciate the readability that a fluent interface provides, before deciding to undertake the extra work that implementing a fluent API requires, I look for methods and properties that aren't trivial to implement (so that I save developers time by providing them) and that can be applied to a variety of classes that don't share a common ancestor.

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Requirements, Estimation and Planning: Steps to work with Agile software development projects
This article is about requirements, estimation, and planning in agile software development projects.  Agile estimation is often seen as being invaluable, yet others dismiss it as waste. The reasons for this disagreement can be traced to disparities in the Scrum and Lean-Kanban ways of working. Everybody in software development has the same goal: rapid, reliable, low risk delivery of high-quality, valuable functionality to users. So what will help them to achieve their goal? Just coding?

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How to customize the generated files from the New Scaffolded Item dialog
In Visual Studio 2013 we introduced the Add New Scaffolded Item dialog. This dialog replaced the Add View/Add Controllers ASP.NET MVC dialog which was had in 2012. This new dialog works for all ASP.NET projects (MVC, Web Forms and Web API). This is one example of how we are delivering on the “One ASP.NET” vision. We’ve also released the same support for Visual Studio 2012, checkout our previous post at for more info on how to get started in VS2012 with the new features.

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Videos we favorited

Episode 125: Getting started with Application Insights for Visual Studio Online

In this episode Nick Harris and Chris Risner are joined by Brian Keller, a Visual Studio Technical Evangelist, and Charles Sterling, a Program Manager for Visual Studio.  In this video, they talk about Application Insights.  Application Insights is a part of Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Service.

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Using Windows 8 and 8.1 – Comprehensive How-To Video Tutorials

A list of focused and to-the-point videos that get you using Windows 8.1 quickly and effectively.

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