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Articles we enjoyed

A new API for Visual Studio Online
The “big” news that I announced at TechEd this week was a new API for accessing Visual Studio Online (and, in a future release, Team Foundation Server).  This new API is based on REST, OAUTH, Json and Service Hooks – all standard web technologies broadly supported in the industry.  The API is still currently in preview while we take feedback and refine it.

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Visual Studio Design Patterns add-in
If you have been programming using a object oriented language, then you must have heard of design patterns. There are a number of books and web sites on this topic, but while using Visual Studio, you would have to go out of the IDE, refresh your memory about what a particular software pattern does and type or copy the code for it. Wouldn't be easier to have an integrated Visual Studio tool to help you select the right pattern and insert the code for you with only a few clicks? This is exactly what this Visual Studio add-in does: it indexes some commonly known OO patterns, presents them in easy to search user interface and inserts the code into your working project.

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Dangers of Violating SOLID Principles in C#
There have been some fantastic software development principles captured under the SOLID acronym—Single responsibility, Open for extension and closed for modification, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation, and Dependency injection. You should have some familiarity with these principles, as I’ll demonstrate a variety of C#-specific patterns that violate these principles. If you’re unfamiliar with the SOLID principles, you might want to review them quickly before proceeding. I’ll also assume some familiarity with the architectural terms Model and ViewModel.

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Videos we favorited

IWP75: Tim Heuer on Windows Runtime XAML

This week, Lead Program Manager Tim Heuer joined us to talk about all the announcements from Build 2014 with regard to Windows Runtime XAML, (as well as the unified Windows platform in general). As you more than likely know, XAML is the specific schema of XML leveraged by several different Microsoft programming languages and frameworks for declaratively creating user experiences. Tim was behind an enormous amount of work that took place to drive this release of the universal XAML for Windows Runtime framework in this last release of Windows Phone, (8.1), as well as the current version of Windows (8.1 update) for PCs, laptops and tablets.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Introducing ASP.NET vNext

There’s some really cool stuff going on on the ASP.NET and Web Tools team. We’ve been pushing stuff at Microsoft for a few years now and our craziness is spreading to the .NET core team and beyond. Today we’re announcing a preview (read: alpha) of the next generation of .NET on the Server. Read more

Quill – open source editor built for the modern web

Quill is an open source editor built for the modern web. It is built with an extensible architecture and an expressive API so you can completely customize it for your use case. Some built in features include: - Fast and lightweight - Semantic markup - Standardized HTML between browsers - Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+ Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Search Engine Marketing with Bing Ads

Looking to improve your SEO and SEM? Want to know how Bing Ads can help? Or maybe you’re preparing for your Bing Ads Accredited Professional certification. Learn from industry experts, Alan Amerault and Bethany Bey from Cardinal Path, a recognized leader in online marketing training, which works with Fortune 500 companies, plus Dalip Tyagi from Bing Ads, as they explore how Bing can help you target by demographics, device type, or location. Dive into search marketing ROI, the value of proper keyword search, link strategies, and more, in these two exciting Bing Ads sessions. Read more

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