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Dependency Injection in ASP.NET vNext
Dependency Injection (DI) is a software design pattern, a particular case of the Inversion of Control pattern, in which one or more dependencies are injected into dependent objects. The pattern is used to create program designs that are loosely coupled and testable.

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Getting started with Visual Studio Editor Margin Extensions
Extending visual studio is fun. As a developer I used to spend much time on Visual Studio and automate many problems that is relevent to me. Visual Studio is a powerful editor and using extensibility project templates it is very easy to extend Visual Studio. We can plug many things to the IDE as a Visual Studio Package or a Visual Studio AddIn based on our needs.

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Python for C# Developers
Python is a strongly typed language with dynamic semantics. It’s usually executed via an interpreter but it can be JIT compiled. Python works, more or less, equally well on the major desktop and server environments: Linux, Windows, and OS X. Python is a powerful, scalable, and expressive language. Some notable companies that use Python include DropBox (client and server), YouTube, Reddit, Digg, Instagram, Rdio, Pintrest, Google, and Microsoft. Although we in the .NET community tend to stay focused on the Windows platform and Visual Studio space, it's worth noting how popular and successful Python is becoming in the broader tech industry.

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Using Migration Scripts in Database Deployments
Although a synchronization tool can describe most migrations, there are some database changes that can't be inferred by comparing the beginning and end states of the database, because the tool has insufficient information to know how to migrate the existing data.

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JavaScript Function Terminology
I have been working on and off with JavaScript since 2001. But its one thing to use JavaScript functions and another thing entirely to know the vocabulary of JavaScript functions.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

EF 6.1.1 RTM Available

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of EF6.1.1. This patch release includes a number of high priority bug fixes and some contributions from our community. Read more

Push Notifications to PhoneGap Apps using Notification Hubs Integration

Azure Mobile Services supports PhoneGap by providing a quickstart project that you can download from the portal. This TodoList sample project supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. To learn how to get started with PhoneGap and Mobile Services, see Get Started with Mobile Services. This blog post shows how to use Mobile Services and Azure Notification Hubs to send push notifications to a PhoneGap app, particularly the PhoneGap quickstart sample app. Read more

Thousands of code samples at your finger tips

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework is a free, centralized code sample library driven by developers' real-world pains and needs. The goal is to provide customer-driven code samples for all Microsoft development technologies, and reduce developers' efforts in solving typical programming tasks. Read more

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