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Books we recommend

Image Free ebook: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

Greetings! We’re happy to release a free ebook today: Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure: Best practices for DevOps, data storage, high availability, and more, by Scott Guthrie, Mark Simms, Tom Dykstra, Rick Anderson, and Mike Wasson. Here are the download links: PDF (6.35 MB), EPUB (22.7 MB), and MOBI(12.3 MB).

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Articles we enjoyed

Implement secure ASP.NET MVC applications
When you implement security in web applications, you will need to think about a lot of security details. Some of the standard features you will need to implement are:
  1. Authentication of the user
  2. Page access control where you can decide what pages the user can open depending on his role or access rights
  3. Preventing security attacks
In this article, I will discuss some security elements and show you how they can be implemented in MVC applications.

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Handling file/folder pickers and the web authentication broker in universal Windows apps
Hi, this is Jeffrey Richter. I was very excited when Microsoft announced universal apps for Windows Store and Windows Phone apps. One reason is that I can now use my existing C#/CLR/WinRT skill set to build phone apps. Another reason is because it means my Windows Runtime via C# book now has a new audience. In fact, the book’s content is entirely applicable for Windows Phone 8.1 developers except for the few differences described in this earlier blog post, “Windows Phone updates for Windows Runtime via C#.” I’ve already converted all the book’s code samples to universal apps, and I have them running on both Windows and Windows Phone. You can download this code from the book’s catalog page in the new Microsoft Press Store (via the Downloads tab).

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Tips and tricks for using XAML controls in your universal Windows apps
At //build 2014 we introduced the ability to build universal Windows apps, which are able to share a large amount of code between Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 projects. In particular, three sessions at //build discussed the important features for developers working with XAML: What about XAML UI and Controls? by Shawn Oster Quality and Performance for XAML Apps by Stefan Wick Animations in Windows Phone XAML Apps by Kunal Deep Singh and Rohan Thakkar

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Using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EntityFramework to build NLayered Single Page Web Applications
Building an NLayered, localized, well-structured Single-Page Web Application using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, EntityFramework and ASP.NET Boilerplate.

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Microsoft ‘IoT’ Internet of Things Developer Program
This is the first in a series of Internet of Things (IoT) programs for the creation of connected devices. This program is tailor-made for both makers and Windows developers entering into the IoT space.

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Videos we favorited

Programming Kinect for Windows v2: (01) Introducing Kinect Development

Get an introduction to Kinect for Windows and what it can do, hear how to get and install the SDK, and see how to use included sample code to get started.

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Windows Store App – Using Facebook to authenticate the user

In this video, Gianluca Bertelli, an Escalation Engineer from Italy, will show you how to integrate Facebook within our Windows Store Applications – Using the class WebAuthenticationBroker to authenticate the users with any authentication provider that uses Oauth2 as protocol.  You will see how to create an application that emulates a Single Sign On. The last topic covered is how to deal with the token that is returned by Facebook, how to store and reuse it later.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

ASP.NET Boilerplate

ASP.NET Boilerplate is a starting point for new modern web applications using best practices and most popular tools. It's aimed to be a solid model, a general-purpose application framework and a project template. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

DEV – Automated and Continuous Integration for Java Applications in Visual Studio Online

The Visual Studio Flashcast series is a new format of webinars aimed at helping you learn about the Microsoft Developer Platform Tools that include Visual Studio, SQL Server, Web Technologies, Mobile and Cloud. The goal of this series is to get you training and content you can use to accelerate your path into Mobile and Cloud. Join today to learn how to be a hero developer. Read more

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