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Free ebook about localization in .NET

Free ebook about localization in .NET

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Articles we enjoyed

Command line scaffolding for ASP.NET vNext
In previous releases we have added support for scaffolding controllers/views based on project artifacts in both MVC and Web Forms projects. The technology used for those previous releases was tied to Visual Studio. With ASP.NET vNext one of our high level goals is to enable Visual Studio customers to work with non-Visual Studio users. So the most critical aspects of developing/testing ASP.NET vNext projects should be available to the non-Visual Studio. Scaffolding is a good example of this.

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Did you know you can use Visual Studio to write an Android app?
You might think you need x-code to write an iOS app. You might think you need eclipse to write an Andriod app. Visual Studio, is it just for Windows? The answer is a solid “No”. Since the recent update of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3, developers have comprehensive tooling to support Apache Cordova.

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Simple inheritance with JavaScript
A lot of my friends are C# or C++ developers. They are used to use inheritance in their projects and when they want to learn or discover JavaScript, one of the first question they ask is: “But how can I do inheritance with JavaScript?”.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio

Microsoft has introduced a new Visual Studio extension – Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio (currently tagged as Beta). This extension allows you, the developer, to locate millions of code snippets and sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE. Essentially, this extension combines the features of two previous extensions: Bing Code Search and Sample Browser. Read more

Using FiddlerCore to capture HTTP Requests with .NET

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on my Web load testing utility West Wind WebSurge. One of the key components of a load testing tool is the ability to capture URLs effectively so that you can play them back later under load. One of the options in WebSurge for capturing URLs is to use its built-in capture tool which acts as an HTTP proxy to capture any HTTP and HTTPS traffic from most Windows HTTP clients, including Web Browsers as well as standalone Windows applications and services. Read more

Announcing the release of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2

We are happy to announce the availability of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2, the latest update to the Visual F# compiler and F# IDE tooling for Visual Studio.  You can download the installer package here. Read more

Announcing RTM of Katana 3

Today I have the honor and privilege of announcing the general availability of Katana 3! This is an important update to Microsoft’s OWIN implementation, which offers you powerful new functionality. Read more

Azure: New DocumentDB NoSQL Service, New Search Service, New SQL AlwaysOn VM Template, and more

DocumentDB: Preview of a New NoSQL Document Service for Azure Search: Preview of a New Search-as-a-Service offering for Azure Virtual Machines: Portal support for SQL Server AlwaysOn + community-driven VMs Web Sites: Support for Web Jobs and Web Site processes in the Preview Portal Azure Insights: General Availability of Microsoft Azure Monitoring Services Management Library API Management: Support for API Management REST APIs Read more

DocumentDB – NoSQL Database As A Service On Azure

Microsoft Azure team has announced a new NoSQL database named "DocumentDB". DocumentDB is a fully managed, massively scalable, NoSQL database as a service on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is a right movement from Microsoft as the existing Table storage was not effcient comparing to other NoSQL databases available in the market. In my initial evalution, DocumentDB is the most feature rich NoSQL databse comparing to many popular NoSQL database. In DocumentDB, we can write Trigger, Stored Procedure and User Defined Function (UDF) in JavaScript. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Open Source Questions Answered

Developers, are you curious about open source software (OSS) and Microsoft's role in this pivotal trend? We know everyone is talking about OSS, and everyone has questions. So we asked the experts and got tons of helpful information! Watch host Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks! fame, as he interviews top open source experts, and find out what the big deal is! Read more

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