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Articles we enjoyed

C#: Building a Useful, Extensible .NET Console Application Template for Development and Testing
How often do you find yourself tossing together a console application for the purpose of trying out code, "testing" in the sense of seeing what works best, or, possibly, as a means to demo some library of function? I do, a lot. And I usually end up with some horrid mess which, while never intended for public use, still becomes a pain to deal with.

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Splitting Tables in Entity Framework 6 to Improve Performance
The first rule of speeding up your application is "Manage your database access." Unfortunately, using Entity Framework (EF) means giving up some control around managing access -- specifically, in generating your SQL. As a reader pointed out in a recent column, taking all the defaults of EF can result in an application that runs very slowly, indeed.

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Understanding JavaScript Prototypes (And Creating Your Own «$» Library)
Many web applications developed today use some or the other JavaScript library or framework. These libraries and frameworks heavily rely on what is known as JavaScript prototypes. Therefore, it would be interesting to any web developer to understand this concept. This short article explains in brief what JavaScript prototypes are and how they form an integral part of many of the popular JavaScript libraries.

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Videos we favorited

ASP.NET Community Standup

Weekly videos on ASP.NET latest development progress.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft OCR Library for Windows Runtime has been released as a NuGet package. The library empowers you to easily add text recognition capabilities in your Windows Phone 8/8.1 and Windows 8.1 Store apps. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Developing Universal Windows Apps (C#/XAML) Jump Start

Get real-world guidance for developing universal Windows apps and save yourself valuable time when creating apps for today’s mobile workforce and consumer marketplace. Learn from Microsoft's experts as they build a working app using tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developer targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices. See what's smart to share and what's not when developing for the two platforms. We'll include a broad range of features covering both consumer and enterprise scenarios. Read more

Azure SQL Database for Business-Critical Cloud Applications

Find out how the new Azure SQL Database model supports your need to build robust cloud apps. The relational database, based on resource governance, offers increased functionality and improved disaster recovery, and that's just the beginning! Join a team of top experts who help you decide which edition is the best fit for your organization and who demonstrate the near-zero administration that makes it easy to develop your applications in the cloud. Read more

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