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Free eBook: SQL Server Source Control Basics

For efficient team-based database development, and reliable and repeatable database deployments, going without source control isn't really optional any more. Quite apart from making it easier to work together, roll back, and share changes, it's the cornerstone of better change management and continuous integration.

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Articles we enjoyed

vNext: What’s in It for You?
Microsoft is building a new framework for you: vNext. It won't be as radical a change as moving to the original Microsoft .NET Framework, but it will be like moving to the .NET Framework 2.0: Not all of your existing code is compatible with the new framework. And, while there are downloads that let you try vNext out, be careful: You should not install those downloads on a computer with another version of the .NET Framework.

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ASP.NET Identity 2.0: Introduction to Working with Identity 2.0 and Web API 2.2
In recent posts, I've covered a lot of ground using ASP.NET Identity 2.0 in the context of an MVC application. Since it's RTM in March of this year, Identity 2.0 has offered a substantial expansion of the Authentication/Authorization . toolset available to MVC applications. Similarly, Identity 2.0 expands the Identity management tools available through ASP.NET Web Api. The same flexibility and extensibility are available, although things work just a little differently.

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Perform diagnostic search across your Application Insights telemetry
In Application Insights, we’ve just upgraded Diagnostic Search so that you can search all the raw telemetry such as page views, as well as the trace log calls that you can insert. This makes it a lot easier to find and follow chains of events in your app. So for example, if you inserted some log4Net, NLog or System.Diagnostics trace calls in your app, you can easily see which user requests are triggering them, and tie them up to any custom event calls you’ve set up.

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Introduction to Async/Await on ASP.NET
Most online resources around async/await assume you’re developing client applications, but does async have a place on the server? The answer is most definitely “Yes.” This article is a conceptual overview of asynchronous requests on ASP.NET, as well as a reference for the best online resources. I won’t be covering the async or await syntax; I’ve already done that in an introductory blog post ( and in an article on async best practices ( This article focuses specifically on how async works on ASP.NET.

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Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git
Modern application development now’a’days demands a rigorous continuous deliver mechanism. This is especially true when it comes to the cloud. You want to be able to get through the Build -> Measure -> Learn cycle as fast as possible. With cloud services, you can quickly create mechanisms to build, test and deploy your development team’s code. You can even maintain development and production branches.

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The New and Improved C# 6.0
Although C# 6.0 isn’t yet complete, it’s at a point now where the features are close to being finalized. There have been a number of changes and improvements made to C# 6.0 in the CTP3 release of the next version of Visual Studio, code-named “14,” since the May 2014 article, “A C# 6.0 Language Preview” (

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 and TypeScript 1.1 CTP Released

Today we released Visual Studio “14” CTP 4. To get started, download the bits (also available on MSDN subscriber downloads page), or use one of the VMs in Azure. This CTP includes all features and fixes from previous CTPs, and:

  • ASP.NET vNext tooling and runtime updates
  • Debugger improvements
  • XAML Editor supports Peek
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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Dev/Test Scenarios in the DevOps World

Devs, want a deep dive into the dev/test portion of DevOps and application lifecycle management (ALM)? Explore modern tools for unit testing, functional UI testing, load testing, and more, see helpful demos on debugging Azure workloads using Visual Studio, and learn about the fundamentals of source control in TFS. Read more

Building Apps with node.js Jump Start

Developers, have you ever wanted to play with node.js? Are you curious about how to incorporate two-way communication into applications? Join popular experts Stacey Mulcahy and Rami Sayar to see how to do just that with node.js, one of the easiest and fastest ways to develop real-time apps on the web today, along with Visual Studio, Azure, and free open source technology. To introduce you to these topics, Stacey and Rami walk you through the creation of a chatroom application. Read more

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