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Now that the Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available and the C# 6 feature set is a bit more stable, I figured it was time to start updating the Noda Time 2.0 source code to C# 6. The target framework is still .NET 3.5 (although that might change; I gather very few developers are actually going to be hampered by a change to target 4.0 if that would make things easier) but we can still take advantage of all the goodies C# 6 has in store.

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Getting Started with ES6 – The Next Version of JavaScript
JavaScript has come a long ways in its 20 years of existence. It’s grown from a language used to define a few variables and functions to one that can be used to build robust applications on the client-side and server-side. Although it’s popularity continues to grow in large part due to its dynamic nature and ability to run anywhere, JavaScript as a language is still missing many key features that could help increase developer productivity and provide a more maintainable code base. Fortunately, ECMAScript 6 (ES6) adds many new features that will take the language to the next level.

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Using Entity Framework With an Existing Database: Data Access
In many large-scale projects, software developers are often have to work with existing SQL Server databases with predefined tables and relationships. The problem can be that some predefined databases can have aspects that are awkward to deal with from the software side. As a software developer, my choice of database access tool is Microsoft’s Entity Framework (EF) so I am motivated to see how EF can handle this.

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iOS Build & Debugging with the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
The Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova enables developers to easily build a mobile app that targets iOS, Android, and Windows with web standards technologies. At the Connect() event in mid-November, we added iOS debugging to the existing support for Windows and Android (for both Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview). With the addition of iOS debugging support, the tools for Cordova enable you to stay in Visual Studio for the majority of your development experience.

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Visual Studio 2015 Preview – Enhanced Debugging
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview was recently released along with .NET 4.6 and contains many new and exciting features like support for cross platform development in C++, an open-source .NET compiler platform, Cordova Tooling, ASP.NET 5, IDE enhancements for Web development and much more. You can download Visual Studio 2015 Preview from the following link -

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EF7 – Priorities, Focus, and Initial Release
We all know, you don’t get to write software in a vacuum. Aside from the technical task we are trying to achieve there are things such as dependencies, stakeholders, release dates, etc. that impact the order and priority of tasks we do. In this post we wanted to share the top factors influencing the features and scenarios we focus on first.

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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

What’s New with ASP.NET 5

Wondering what's new and exciting in ASP.NET 5? Join the experts from the product team as they highlight the newest open source web framework from Microsoft for building modern web apps on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This session digs into the changes in ASP.NET and focuses on how it can make you more productive. Get a deep dive into the new features in MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework, all open-sourced and cross-platform. And check out the newest web tooling in Visual Studio to support ASP.NET 5 and modern web standards, including support for Grunt, Gulp, Bower, npm, and much more. ASP.NET 5 merges the power of .NET with the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud, along with today’s client-side tools for the open web. Get the details on how to upgrade your sites and your skills! Read more

Creating Your First 2D Game with GameMaker

Did you know that you don't need to be a programmer or an artist to create a cool 2D game? If you can drag and drop, you can use GameMaker from YoYo Games to build a game and then export it to mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle and more. Get the details from industry experts who created Dave in the Cave and worked on World of Warcraft. Read more

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