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Introducing .NET Core
At connect(), we announced that .NET Core will be entirely released as open source software. I also promised to follow up with more details on .NET Core. In this post, I’ll provide an overview of .NET Core, how we’re going to release it, how it relates to the .NET Framework, and what this means for cross-platform and open source development.

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Bring your Windows Phone Silverlight apps to Windows Runtime XAML; prepare for universal app development in Windows 10
With the release of Windows Phone 8.1 last year, we introduced the concept of universal Windows apps. Windows 10 will build on our commitment to provide a common Windows platform with one API layer (WinRT) and consistent UX design surfaces.

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Gotcha: Entity Framework gets slow in long Iteration Loops
Thought I’d highlight a common problem I’ve run into a few times with a few of my customers using Entity Framework. I spent some time today with a customer debugging a very, very slowly process using Entity Framework operation. The customer was running a long order processing task involving an order with many thousands of order items plus a boat load of child items. This task is pretty massive, but it was taking 6+ hours to complete. Yikes. Lots of items for sure, but there’s no reason this should take hours or even more than a few minutes.

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Offline Cookbook
With ServiceWorker (intro) we gave up trying to solve offline, and gave developers the moving parts to go solve it themselves. It gives you control over caching and how requests are handled. That means you get to create your own patterns. Let's take a look at a few possible patterns in isolation, but in practice you'll likely use many of them in tandem depending on URL & context. All code examples work today in Chrome 40 beta with the cache polyfill, unless otherwise noted. This stuff will land into the stable version January/February 2015 barring any emergencies, so it won't be long until millions of real users can benefit from this stuff.

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JavaScript Application Architecture On The Road To 2015
I once told someone I was an architect. It’s true in a way since I now have to design an intricate web of lies to back it up. On a serious note, I thought it might be salutary to look at the state of application architecture in the JavaScript community as we ebb our way towards 2015. I’ll talk about composition, functional boundaries, modularity, immutable data structures, CSP channels and a few other related topics.

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Custom TraceSource and debugging using IntelliTrace
IntelliTrace in Visual Studio Ultimate comes with support for tracing out of the box. All you have to do is make sure the appropriate IntelliTrace events are enabled in VS settings and IntelliTrace will capture trace statements as events. When you are not using the default Debug.Trace methods and are instead using a custom TraceSource, you don’t want to rewrite your tracing code just to get the trace data captured by IntelliTrace. This blog post will explain how to add support for events from a custom TraceSource in addition to the events listed in VS settings (see screenshot above).

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Project Tracking Website using AngularJS and ASP.NET Web API
Emerging technologies like ASP.NET Web API and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS makes it easy to design and build Single Page Applications (SPAs). From a career point of view, it is important to gain a working knowledge of these technologies, as more and more organizations are moving towards adopting these technologies to enhance their existing applications or build new ones.

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Videos we favorited

Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin & Visual Studio

Want to build an app, start to finish, and share it across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms? Check out this course! Join the experts, and build a sample app, sharing as much C# code as possible across the three platforms. Get an introduction to Xamarin and how to use it with Visual Studio 2013.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

OmniSharp – Making cross-platform .NET a reality, and a pleasure

In case you missed it, make sure to read Announcing .NET 2015 - .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community because there's been some big stuff going on. Here's the summary of the .NET 2015 Wave of awesomeness. - We are running .NET as an open source project going forward. - There's a home for Microsoft on GitHub now at - You can get Visual Studio Community for FREE now at - ASP.NET 5 will run on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Yes, really. Read more


Touch-friendly JavaScript gallery, no dependencies. Read more

Top 7 2014 Dev Tool Releases You Should Know About

It's that time of year again, when we often try to wrap up projects, take stock of what we've accomplished so far, and plan ahead for the new challenges 2015 will bring. On the subject of taking stock, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of the most important, most interesting tools and technologies released over the past 12 months that might have been overlooked. You'll find a grab bag of different tools here -- there's there no real theme other than handy utilities and big releases that haven't been highlighted here yet. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

C++/DirectX Game Development: Skyboxes and Porting DX11 to 11.2

If you’re an experienced Game Developer and you want to build on your C++ and DirectX skills, up-level your employment options with AAA companies​, and expand on the DirectX goodness in the Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development course, now's your chance!  Read more

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