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Books we recommend

Image Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation

We’re happy to announce the release of our newest free ebook, Microsoft Azure Essentials: Azure Automation (ISBN 9780735698154), by Michael McKeown. This is the second ebook in Microsoft Press’s free Microsoft Azure Essentials series. Future ebooks will cover specific Azure topics, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Websites for Developers, and others.

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Articles we enjoyed

Add Real-Time Diagnostics to Your Windows Phone 8.1 App with SignalR
If an application malfunctions or crashes, often users don't provide feedback, or what feedback they provide offers little value to the application developer. So it's up to developers to add analytics throughout an application, and they're often forced to rely on what little information is available in a dump or stack trace available through the appropriate marketplace.

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Role Based Security in ASP.NET MVC 5 Web Applications
A major challenge in any web application is implementing its security. In traditional web development with ASP.NET (from version 2.0 onwards), we have been using Membership and Role providers. These providers allows us to define Roles, Users and assign roles to users which helps us to manage Authorization. But with an increase in social networking and global authentication providers, we needed an upgraded membership system. ASP.NET Identity is the new membership system for building ASP.NET web applications, phone, store, or hybrid applications using social identities for authentication and authorization.

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C# Multithreading and Events
First let’s start off with there is no perfectly safe multithreaded event handling as there are caveats/conditions that must be handled. So it’s really if the particular method you plan to use is safe for the uses you require. I’m going to show there is another problem to contend with and I will offer some classes to help handle some scenarios plus propose some alternative options you could use, but it depends on if your events can be used that way. Ultimately it depends on what you need to do, and implementation/use and the complexity you wish to manage.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Application Insights, Visual Studio Online and Azure Tools for Java Developers

Today more than ever, the tools and services we are building are targeting a broad array of developer needs - from cross-platform mobile development tools in Visual Studio, to support for a wide range of programming languages and operating systems in Azure. Read more

CodeLens in Visual Studio Online is now in Public Preview for Europe region

We are delighted to announce that the Public Preview of CodeLens in Visual Studio Online is now available to customers in the West Europe Region. CodeLens in Visual Studio Online was initially released as a Public Preview in Dec 2014. With the addition of Western Europe Region, all Visual Studio Online customers can now use CodeLens to explore code changes and other history. CodeLens is a head-up display in your Visual Studio editor that provides in-context information about your code. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Azure online event on March 24th, at 11a.m PST

Save the date Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 11 am PDT Join the virtual event to watch as Scott Guthrie announces an exciting new Microsoft Azure service for application developers. Learn what's new and how you can build cloud scale web and mobile apps faster than ever before and with less code. Read more

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