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Articles we enjoyed

A Mobile-First Approach to Modern App Development
At this very moment, millions of mobile devices are accessing millions of Web sites and mobile apps. According to Pew Research and other statisticians, more than 55 percent of Americans use a smartphone to access the Internet, and 30 percent of Americans use only a phone to access the Internet. These numbers are growing, as phones become cheaper and easier to use. If you can read the writing on the wall, you know you should be going with a mobile-first design.

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New Features in C# 6
C# 6 is the version of C# that ships with VS 2015 Preview. The philosophy behind this version is straightforward: improve simple everyday coding scenarios, without adding much conceptual baggage. The features should make code lighter without making the language heavier.

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Low latency html5 WebSocket Server to stream live and computed data to web browser grid
Live updates to browser is an important scenario in today's world.  All businesses (Banking, Trading, Healthcare, Retail etc..) rely heavily on internet/browser based apps to reach their esteemed customers.  Be it stock quote, news, mail - live updates bring agility to your web application.  This article is about html5 WebSocket service that streams real time, live data to browser grid.  Also, this service can compute complex math expressions (formula) dynamically (at runtime.)  Say, for example, you need to live update items such as Stock name, symbol, quantity, price, position (short/long) at real time to user browsers - this service can stream it to browser grid.  This service can handle it better than AJAX/ COMET based grids as it uses low latency TCP communication using html5 WebSocket.   If you would like to add few more items that are computed based on other items in your data - well, this websocket server takes up that work for you behind the scenes.

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Smart Unit Tests – Test to Code Binding, Test Case Management
In an earlier post we had mentioned how Smart Unit Tests can emit a suite of tests for a given code-under-test, and how it can manage this test suite as the code-under-test itself evolves. For any given method serving as the code-under-test, the emitted test suite comprises of a "parameterized unit test" and one or more "generated unit tests", and the following figure illustrates the Pex* custom attributes used to identify the test-to-code binding, that in turn enables such management. These attributes are defined within the Microsoft.Pex.Framework namespace.

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Speed Up Your Application with Stored Procedure and Temporary Tables
As far as performance goes, the real benefit of stored procedures usually happens when you bundle several SQL statements into a single stored procedure. That's because the second-slowest thing you can do in a business application (right after reading and writing to your hard disk) is to send a request to another computer for processing. Reducing trips to the database is the kind of change that gets you the performance gain that matters -- the kind where your users say, "Hey, that was faster!"

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Videos we favorited

Watch the Build 2015 live video stream in

Build will cover all Microsoft Platforms - expect rich new content and information on Windows, Azure, Office 365 and more. Developers will receive deep training, allowing them to take advantage of the incredible advances in our platforms, including Windows 10, and providing access to over 1.5 billion devices.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Microsoft Press Guided Tours

Our Microsoft Press Guided Tours app provides insightful tours by Microsoft Press authors of new and evolving Microsoft technologies. Use the app to explore technical topics in powerful new ways, including multiple ways to mark up content so it’s more useful to you. Read more

Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

Game developers build the apps that hundreds of millions of users play every day across a wide variety of devices, from Xbox and Windows to iOS, Android, and the Web. For many years now, it’s been great to see Visual Studio be one of the industry’s most popular tools for game development, used by big game studios and indie developers alike. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Update Challenge. Get your existing apps ready for Windows 10.

Now is the time to update your Windows Silverlight apps to Windows XAML—the best way to prepare for Windows 10. Not only can we guide you through the process, we’ll also extend our gratitude in the form of XP and PTS. It’s a win-win situation! Read more

MVP V-Conf

The MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf) is a new, virtual, 2-day event that showcases how the best and brightest independent technology experts are using Microsoft technologies today. Tune in and see what the community of power users are saying about the mobile-first, cloud-first world of possibility with Microsoft re-imagined. Read more

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