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Articles we enjoyed

Introducing Microsoft Edge Dev
On behalf of the Microsoft Edge team, I’m thrilled to welcome you to the brand new Microsoft Edge Dev Blog, now part of the Windows Blogs family! Like the IEBlog before it, this is where the Microsoft Edge team will share with you the latest on our activities, including the latest updates to the browser and the evolution of our product vision. You will also see a regular stream of technical, deep-dive content in an effort to further our goal of building an open conversation with web developers and enthusiasts.

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Tools for Apache Cordova in Visual Studio 2015 RC
We are excited to announce that Visual Studio 2015 RC will include the Tools for Apache Cordova. Starting today, you can build production quality mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using web technologies and nearly 100% shared code across platforms. With support for native device capabilities (e.g. camera, accelerometer, contact), offline scenarios and popular JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, React and Backbone), the Tools for Apache Cordova contain everything web developers need for building cross-platform mobile apps using Visual Studio.

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Asynchronous Programming in ES6 Using Generators and Promises
Asynchronous programming has started gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of years. In JavaScript-oriented  applications, there are a number of cases (viz., making an AJAX call or executing a piece of logic after certain time) where we need to deal with asynchronous logic. Some of the JavaScript APIs that were added to browsers as part of HTML5 (viz., IndexedDb, Geo locations and Web sockets) are asynchronous. Despite of such heavy usage of asynchrony, JavaScript as a language doesn’t support it well. Callbacks are the only way one can handle asynchronous APIs in JavaScript; but the approach fails to scale. For example, when you have to deal with more than 3 levels of nested callbacks, the code starts forming a nice looking tree that is hard to read and understand.

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End-to-End Testing in Modern Web Sites and Apps
Software is more complex than ever before. Whether it’s an app for Windows, iOS, Web, Android, an Internet of Things (IoT) device or a smartwatch—that software is doing a lot. Consequently, the software must be accurate. It must work according to specs. So it’s up to developers to test their software.

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Videos we favorited

MEAN Stack Jump Start

Want to build scalable web apps quickly and easily? Check out the MEAN stack, a collection of technologies (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js) that fit well together to provide a solution that allows for a full-stack JavaScript implementation of web applications.

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MVP Virtual Conference – Americas 2015

The MVP Virtual Conference (MVP V-Conf) is a new, virtual, 2-day event that showcases how the best and brightest independent technology experts are using Microsoft technologies today. Tune in and see what the community of power users are saying about the mobile-first, cloud-first world of possibility with Microsoft re-imagined.

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Build 2015: We are Makers

At Microsoft, we love makers and we ARE makers. At Build 2015, we showed our support for makers through HoloLens, Windows IoT Core on Raspberry Pi, the partnership with Arduino, NETMF, Gadgeteer on Raspberry Pi 2 and much more.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Windows 10 developer tools preview

Windows 10 will be an exciting release for developers, with support for Universal Windows apps that run across all Windows 10 devices. With this preview release of the Windows 10 developer tooling, you have the opportunity to experiment with the new platform capabilities while we continue working to finish Windows 10. Read more

Scaled Agile Framework: Visual Studio Online process template updates

We are very excited to provide built-in support for the Scale Agile Framework using our existing Scrum, Agile, and CMMI templates. Some time ago, we published a whitepaper: Scaled Agile Framework: Using TFS to support epics, release trains, and multiple backlogs, which detailed how to use TFS to support SAFe practices. In support of that guidance, we also published on the Microsoft Download Center, a set of Process Template Samples with Support for SAFe. With the May 15 deployment of Visual Studio Online, the Agile, Scrum, and CMMI process templates are now updated to include these changes. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Deep Dive Friday: Visual Studio 2015: Debugging for the Win

In the world of development, all too often code that "worked on my machine" has an issue when moved to another.  Other times, developers inherit complex code that may have been documented once upon a time, but many changes later, there's little to help.  Visual Studio 2015 has the answers for these scenarios, and in this deep dive, we'll show you how.  You'll see how historical debugging of applications running on your own or even other machines such as QA or production can save you time and effort.  We'll demonstrate ways to map your active debugging sessions to show code paths and relationships, document dependencies, and make changes to complex applications less daunting. Read more

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