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Articles we enjoyed

Using TypeScript with Visual Studio Code on OSX
Visual Studio Code is powerful IDE that Microsoft released at Build 2015. There have been several questions regarding how to setup TypeScript with Visual Studio Code on OSX. I decided that I’d stop for a second and make a quick post showing you exactly how to do it.

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Publishing an ASP.NET 5 app to Docker on Linux with Visual Studio
There is a preview of an extension for Visual Studio 2015 (the release candidate at the time of this writing) that adds Docker support. If you have VS2015 RC you can get the Docker Extension here. You can certainly manage things from the command line, but I think as you go through this post you'll appreciate the convenience of this extension.

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Using Paypal Rest API with ASP.NET MVC 4
This is my first ever article on CodeProject and it's about the use of Paypal REST API for payments. It's a world of eCommerce now and everyone wants to integrate Paypal in their website for accepting payments online for either their services of products they are selling. So, this article is about the Integration of PAYPAL REST API in an ASP.NET MVC 4 Framework. I am using this framework because it is a quick way to start on any good web application. I have commented my code as much as possible, so that you can understand what actually is happening in the code. Still if you are not able to understand, then you can ask me. I won't hesitate to help, if I am available.

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Videos we favorited

Visual Studio Debugging Tips and Tricks

In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Hall, who shares a number of tips and tricks for using the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio. Some of the things Andrew shows are new in Visual Studio 2015, but many have been in the product for several versions. You are sure to find at least a few things here that will improve your debugging skills.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Evolving ASP.NET Apps–Load Testing

Creating performance benchmarks is hard. There are so many variables that can affect performance that it can be nearly impossible to get consistent results. Difficulty aside, I made some claims that the original data grid implementation was not optimal and that our new implementation would be more efficient. I would like to at least attempt to prove this with some repeatable load tests. Read more

A new utility for upgrading reports when you upgrade TFS

When upgrading TFS to a new version, one set of items that are not upgraded are the already deployed reports for existing projects. The existing reports will continue to work but we’ve made a large number of performance enhancements and other minor tweaks, especially on the “X” Overview reports (in each project there are a couple of rollup reports that are specific to the template but which all work the same way). Read more

How the New JSON Support Will Work in SQL Server 2016

Native support for JSON in the upcoming SQL Server 2016 was buried among the many goodies announced earlier this month for the flagship RDBMS, but it's clearly an important feature for data developers, who this week got more details on the new functionality. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Azure RemoteApp Core Skills

Free training: Deliver Windows apps to Windows, iOS, and Android devices with Azure RemoteApp (June 11, 2015) Read more

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