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Articles we enjoyed

The Ultimate list of CSS3 Resources, Tutorials, Tips and More
The whole web design community knows that CSS3 can fly your HTML/Website/Content to the next level, but I agree that everyone need to prove them through their skill and knowledge. Even many CSS3 beginner and intermediates don’t know where to find the resources, important tutorials, cheat sheets in one place.

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Enabling CORS in ASP.NET Web API 2
We recently completed an upgrade of one of our APIs to Web API 2. Previously we were using a CORS implementation for Web API v1 by Brock Allen which later paved the way for the support in Web API v2.

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Developing for iOS using the Tools for Apache Cordova
Most developers are already familiar with Xamarin and C++ for iOS development, but Visual Studio 2015 also delivers a quick and easy way for developers to build iOS, Android, and Windows apps using JavaScript. The Tools for Apache Cordova are ideal for projects where speed-to-market, maintainability, and code re-use are paramount. Apache Cordova’s web standards based approach combined with its flexible plugin model allows you to tap into a large and growing client-side web development community.

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Using Knockout.js Model Validation for ASP.NET MVC Models
Client-side validation improves performance and gives the users of our application, a better experience. Knockout.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for implementing MVVM based application development. In this article we will use Knockout.js for client-side data binding. We will also define the Knockout model for managing and validating employee information. The data will be posted to the server only if the required fields are filled by the end-user.

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Videos we favorited

Making the Case for using F# with Tomas Petricek

In this video Tomas takes time out of his busy schedule to explain 4 big reasons for using F# when developing software. He makes compelling arguments by discussing some of strengths of F# while couching these arguments in real world scenarios.

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What’s New in C# 6

In this episode, Robert is joined by Mads Torgersen, who takes us on a tour of the new features in C# 6 that aim at making your everyday code cleaner and clearer. Mads has spoken on this subject at both Build and Ignite. Mindful of this, Robert and Mads go beyond the demos and also talk about how and why C# gained these features as well as what role the open-source .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") plays.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK: Create Imaging Apps Easily

LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK – I had the pleasure of taking the SDK for a spin, and let me tell you it was well worth it. LEADTOOLS has already established itself as a world leader in Imaging SDK’s, but for me it goes much further than just that. The technical support is stellar! This is what differentiates a good functional product from a stunning product. Read more

WinJS 4.0 Released

We received great feedback and insight from our WinJS 4.0-Preview, released earlier this year. Now, the time has finally arrived. With the imminent release of Windows 10, we are proud to announce WinJS 4.0. You can pick up the latest version here. In addition to Windows 10, WinJS 4.0 supports the latest versions of all your favorite browsers, including the new Microsoft Edge. Read more

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