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Historical Debugging, Profiling, New Diagnostic Tools in Visual Studio 2015
I've been working with Visual Studio 2015 lately, even for older projects. You can create and edit all kids of .NET app from .NET 2.0 all the way up through .NET 4.6, as well as ASP.NET 5 apps on the Core CLR. In my case I've been doing some pair programming with Mark Downie on DasBlog, the blog system that runs this blog right here. DasBlog is very old, and used to be very actively developed. The question "is DasBlog dead" is asked a lot, but the answer is really "DasBlog is done." For years it has been very feature-full and feature-complete. However, this blog has been running on .NET 2.0 for years.

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Compiled Data Binding in the Universal Windows Platform
Developers that have worked with any one of the XAML-based development technologies (Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Universal Windows Platform) will most likely be familiar with data binding and how to use it to connect an underlying data model with what's being displayed on the screen. 

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Geolocalize a Device and Store Coordinates on Webserver
In this article, we'll see how to make a simple geolocalizing Windows Phone App and how to store the coordinates it acquires on a remote Web server for further examinations. To make the Windows Phone app, we'll use C#, when the Web side will be realized in PHP + MySQL to make it usable on every system.

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Differences Between MVC 3, MVC 4, MVC 5 and MVC 6
In this article you can view the key differences between MVC 3, MVC 4, MVC 5 and MVC 6.

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Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Building Windows 10 Games with Unity 5

Are you looking to build 3D games with Unity 5 for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP)? Popular presenter and author Adam Tuliper returns with an expert team to help you do just that! Add to your Unity skills as you explore Unity 5, the latest powerful Unity game engine, which adds hundreds of new features on top of its prior version. Read more

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