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Articles we enjoyed

Why Visual Studio 2015 has changed my life
I’ve been using Visual Studio on an almost daily basis since 2002. Before that, my development tool of choice was Visual Basic 6 (Visual Studio 6). The shift between those two versions felt like using a whole new product at the time. Since then, changes to Visual Studio have been incremental. Microsoft have released a new version every 2-3 years. Visual Studio 2015, however, feels like another significant paradigm shift.

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Relational Databases vs. NoSQL Document Databases
In this post, we’ll take a close look at some of the differences between a traditional relational store and a NoSQL document store.

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Getting Started with Windows 10
Windows 10 comes out July 29th, and it takes what was familiar about Windows 7 and what was great about Windows 8 and takes it forward. It's nice on a tablet, it's nice on a laptop, and I'm on my desktop with it now. Features like game streaming from an Xbox are amazing. The Office Touch apps look great.

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Using ADFS with Azure for Single Sign-On in ASP.NET MVC
Active Directory Federations Services (ADFS) is an enterprise-level identity and access management service provided by Microsoft. ADFS runs as a separate service and hence any application that supports WF-Federation and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), can leverage this federation authentication service. In this article, we are going to use ADFS configured in Azure VM for Single Sign-on implementation.

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Structuring Views in ASP.NET MVC to Centralize Logic
In theory, in the Model-View-Controller pattern what distinguishes the View from the Model and the Controller is that the View has no logic. The ideal View isn't supposed to require any testing, other than a quick look to make sure everything's spelled correctly and in the right place. Complete data-binding solutions (such as Windows Presentation Foundation) achieve that; ASP.NET MVC does not.

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Videos we favorited

Keynote: Visual Studio 2015 – Any app, Any developer

This keynote will provide a great overview packed with demos for you to get started with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 and Visual Studio Online. See how these big releases will increase your productivity building the apps you work on today and the new opportunities available to you in the future. Learn how they will open the Visual Studio family to target any platform – from cross platform mobile development on iOS, Android and Windows, to backend development on Windows Server and Linux. See how to embrace DevOps with great agile development, Azure cloud tooling, continuous integration, and Application Insights across all the components of your application.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Visual Studio Code Metrics Powertool for Visual Studio 2015

The Code Metrics PowerTool is a command line utility that calculates code metrics for your managed code and saves them to an XML file. This tool enables teams to collect and report code metrics as part of their build process. Read more

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