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Visual Studio XAML tips and tricks
I am learning the new Universal Windows Application platform and along the way I learned these XAML editing features and I am sharing these as tips and tricks.

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Who doesn’t want to be productive? Everyone, right? And this accelerates when you know some most useful keyboard shortcuts. Windows 10 specifies few new keyboard shortcuts along with existing shortcuts which were available for a long time. Using these keyboard shortcuts, you can improve your day-2-day activities.

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Delivering Scalable, Maintainable Objects with Domain-Driven Design
If you create ASP.NET MVC applications you've probably gotten into the habit of creating a "model class" that holds all the data that a View needs. In other kinds of applications, these classes are referred to as Data Transfer Objects (DTOs). In ASP.NET MVC developers typically pass these DTOs to Views in one method and then get the DTO back through one of the parameters of another method that handles the View's updates. Here are the typical ASP.NET MVC action methods that implement this pattern.

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Code Contracts in C#
Code Contracts API includes classes for static and runtime checks of code and allows you to define preconditions, postconditions, and invariants within a method. The Contracts class is found in the System.Diagnostics namespace.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.3 (CTP2.3)

SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.3 is here! It is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s data platform history with faster transactions and queries, deeper insights on any device, advanced analytics, new security technology, and new hybrid cloud scenarios. Read more

Announcing Great New SQL Database Capabilities in Azure

Today we are making available several new SQL Database capabilities in Azure that enable you to build even better cloud applications. Read more

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Power Tools

Power Tools are a set of enhancements, tools, and command-line utilities that increase productivity of Team Foundation Server scenarios. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Creating Dynamic Webpages with Knockout

Do you build for the web? If you do, you know that creating a webpage which uses dynamic data can be a challenge! There often isn't a clear separation between logic and user interface, and this can make building and maintaining pages tough. Help is here, in the form of Knockout, a JavaScript library built to make binding data to a page easier, allowing you to focus on solving business problems rather than on the required technology. Read more

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