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Articles we enjoyed

Gulp and Visual Studio: Getting SASSy
In my previous blog I showed you how to set up Visual Studio for use with Gulp. Now I want to show you how you can use it in everyday development, including processing SASS, running tests, linting your code and getting ready for deployment.

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Cloud-Connected Mobile Apps – Build a Xamarin App with Authentication and Offline Support
As described in the first part of this two-part series, “Create a Web Service with Azure Web Apps and WebJobs” (, in the August issue, many mobile apps today are connected to one or more Web services that provide valuable and interesting data. Although it’s easy to just make direct REST API calls to those services and process responses in the client, such an approach can be costly in terms of battery power, bandwidth and throttling limitations imposed by different services. Performance might also suffer on lower-end hardware. It makes sense, then, to offload work to a custom back end, as we demonstrate with the “Altostratus” project we’ll discuss in this article.

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MVC Web API and AngularJS For Image Puzzle Game
This article shows how to create a word puzzle game using MVC, AngularJS and Web API 2. A word puzzle game is an interesting game where, for each question there will be 4 Images displayed. The user must find the hidden name of the matching four images together. The game rule is that, for each game there will be 5 questions asked. The question is very simple since each question will be displayed with 4 sets of images, the user must find the matching word for the 4 image combinations and enter the correct answer and click Next to display the next question.

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Videos we favorited

Multithreaded Debugging

In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Hall, who shows tips and tricks for debugging multithreaded applications. Computers with multiple processors, multi-core processors, or hyperthreading processes can run multiple threads at the same time. Parallel processing of multiple threads can greatly improve program performance, but it can also make debugging more difficult because it introduces the need to keep track of multiple threads. Andrew shows how you can use features that have been in Visual Studio for several releases to effectively debug multithreaded applications.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Talking about ASP.NET 5 on .NET Rocks

Last week I got a chance to talk to Carl and Richard about my experiences with ASP.NET 5. The good, the bad and the obnoxious. Ok maybe none of the latter. We had a great discussion on why we need a reboot on ASP.NET and how the process of building ASP.NET has affected developers trying to keep up with the 'beta' releases. Read more

MVVM Light V5.2 is live!

It is possible to add MVVM Light to an existing application using the Nuget package manager. This can be done over command line, or using the UI included in Visual Studio. There are two packages to consider when selecting MVVM Light in an existing application: MVVM Light “libraries only” (mvvmlightlibs) and MVVM Light “full package” (mvvmlight) which also adds some files and scaffolding to the application. Read more

Azure SDK 2.7.1 for .NET Extends Capabilities to Visual Studio 2013

Developers can get access to Azure through a number of subscription methods: Role Based Access Control, DreamSpark, and Cloud Solution Provider, to name a few. That access is granted through the Azure Software Development Kit 2.7 that was released at the same time as Visual Studio 2015 mid-July. At the time, support was only built in for Visual Studio 2015. This week, a point-point update extends that support to Visual Studio 2013. Read more

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