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Articles we enjoyed

C#6: Support for .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.5
A colleague of mine, Eric Charnesky, asked me if C#6 language features would work in .NET Framework versions other than 4.6. I was pretty confident that the features were almost all1 just syntactical seasoning, I thought I would find out.

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Improve the performance of your Azure SQL Databases using Index Advisor
Index Advisor is a new Azure SQL Database feature that helps you improve the performance of your databases by optimizing the database index design and layout. Index Advisor allows you to get better performance for your key queries and reduce the overall DTU utilization for your database without having to spend a ton of time and effort doing the analysis and optimizations yourself.

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Videos we favorited

Free Training at Microsoft Virtual Academy – Introduction to ASP.NET 5

In 2013, Jon Galloway, Damian Edwards, and myself went up to film a LIVE 8 hour long Microsoft Virtual Academy training session called "Building Web Apps with ASP.NET Jump Start." We returned in 2014 with "Building Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET." Both of these are free, and are effectively a full day each of content.

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App Development with Cortana

In this episode, Robert is joined by Nick Landry, who shows us how to integrate Cortana into apps. Among the topics Nick covers and shows are voice commands, speech recognition and synthesis, background voice commands and continuous dictation.

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Building Intelligence into your Apps with Azure Machine Learning with Corom Thompson

Scott talks to Corom Thompson from Azure Machine Learning. In just minutes Corom adds Machine Learning intelligence to a chat app, adding emoji based on a sentiment analysis of the text!

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Using new XAML tools with Visual Studio 2015

With an increase in XAML based apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8+ and Universal apps, developers have been demanding new features for XAML in the areas of memory and CPU profiling, UI debugging, seamless integration between Visual Studio and Blend. The latest release of VS 2015 provides some new XAML development features for applications. In this article, we will take an overview of some of these new features. Read more

BETA: ASP.NET 5 Beta7 now available… with Mac/Linux .NET execution environment

ASP.NET5 Beta 7 is now available which includes native .NET execution environment for Mac and Linux. With this release, Microsoft has completely refactored ASP.NET into a cross-platform, open-source web framework… any app, any platform, any deployment. Read more

Unity Support for Windows 10

Today, Unity announced the release of Unity 5.2 which includes support for Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). With UWP support in Unity 5.2, developers can build a single game for Windows 10 that targets multiple devices ranging from phones to tablets to PCs to Xbox.  This means that multiple screen sizes and resolutions, different device capabilities, and a wide range of aspect ratios are all supported within a single game. Read more

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