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Diagnostic Tools debugger window in Visual Studio 2015
This blog post introduces the new Diagnostic Tools window in Visual Studio 2015. Everything you see in this blog post you can try out today by downloading Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5. First we’ll define what we mean by diagnostic tools, then we’ll introduce the Diagnostic Tools window, and then we’ll dive into the different tools in the window.

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ASP.NET: Understanding OWIN, Katana, and the Middleware Pipeline
The tools and architectural patterns we use to build and evolve web applications have undergone dramatic change over the past few years. Modern web application development is a fast-paced, dynamic activity reliant to ever an greater degree on modular, loosely-coupled application components, rapidly-evolving frameworks, and shorter development cycles.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5 Available

Today, we released Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5 with new features in debugging, diagnostics, the XAML language service, and ASP.NET 5 that we added after the November Preview release. While not a major release, this CTP is another opportunity for you to provide us with feedback as we make progress towards releasing. You can read about the new features and known issues in Visual Studio 2015 CTP 5, and also download it. Alternatively, save some time and use the provided virtual machine image in Azure. Here is a brief look at some of the new features since the November Preview. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Implementing Entity Framework with MVC

How can Entity Framework (EF) simplify your work? Find out from Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison, in this Web Wednesdays course. Almost every website you create is a front-end to a database. So managing that data effectively is key to the success, flexibility, and performance of your application. Plus, a robust object/relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical. This is why EF is such a must-have for developers. Read more

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