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Books we recommend

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

If you’re a developer focused on quality and speed in this new got-to-have-it-now worldview, you know traditional IT infrastructure can’t keep up. Too much planning. Too much money. Too sloooooow. That’s why is smart to switch to the cloud!

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Articles we enjoyed

Writing AngularJS 1.x with TypeScript
AngularJS 1.x is a front end JavaScript framework that has gained huge traction and popularity in the development community. AngularJS greatly simplifies previously hard tasks like two-way data binding, templating, the MVC design pattern, despendency injection and more. Using TypeScript, we can create more robust and scalable AngularJS code to deliver the ultimate user experience whilst avoiding the traditional spaghetti code nightmare that JavaScript applications can often descend into.

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It’s Universal: Understanding the Lifecycle of a Windows 10 Application
Windows 10 represents the culmination of years of evolution toward a single application development platform that spans devices of all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the massive Microsoft Surface Hub. Historically, Windows has been a multi-application environment where users can have multiple apps all running concurrently, with a simple action to switch between them. This model doesn't work well for phone- or tablet-style devices where the usage is typical single-application-focused.

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Build & Deploy Predictive Web Apps Using RStudio and Azure ML
In this post, we will walk through the process of building a machine learning model in R, deploying it as a web service in Azure ML, and then creating and deploying a web application that does predictions in real time.

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Modern Apps – Usability Practices for Modern Apps
Usability is an important but often overlooked aspect of application development. Developers tend to leave usability up to the UX experts and UI designers. However, there are some usability tricks—some small, some larger—developers can apply that have a big impact.

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Videos we favorited

Developing Advanced 2D Games with HTML5

Want to create a 2D game, using your HTML5 skills, familiar libraries, and the power of the cloud? Or add to what you learned in Developing 2D Games with HTML5? Making a "code once, deploy everywhere" multi-player 2D game with HTML5 is possible (and fun)! Watch popular experts Mickey MacDonald and Bryan Griffiths, as they continue their quest to do just that.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Gulp and Visual Studio: concatenation and minification

In my previous blog I wrote about how we can use Gulp to compile SASS. This time it’s all about how we can use Gulp in Visual Studio to prepare files for a release by minifying and concatenating them. I’ve put up a project using the standard MVC 5 template for this series of posts here Read more

What’s new for .NET and UWP in Win10 Tools 1.1

Last week we updated the Visual Studio tools for Universal Windows Apps. The easiest way to get the update is within Visual Studio, under Tools > Extensions > Updates. (Also read the release notes). As part of this update, we're including a new opt-in pre-release feature that will shrink the size of your app. In this article I'll tell you the what and why and how of this new feature. Then I'll tell you how it fits into the wider context -- about how improvements in .NET make their way into your UWP apps. Read more

Network simulation and more in the VS Emulator for Android

By now, hopefully you’ve heard about the new Visual Studio Emulator for Android, which is available as a standalone download for Eclipse and Android Studio users. Today, we’re issuing an update that addresses some of your top requests, including network simulation and improved screenshot functionality. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the September update. Read more

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Hear from the experts about the latest Azure innovation and easy-to-adopt solutions. Listen as customers take the stage to share their stories. Join live Q&As and interact with the architects and engineers who are building the latest features. Choose from more than 60 technical sessions—and accelerate your journey to the cloud. Read more

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