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How to test OWIN OAuth Middleware
f you're familiar with the OWIN authentication middleware you'll know you need to provide some kind of callback URL to handle the response from the third-party provider i.e. Vimeo. A simplified version of our handler looks like so:

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Security through obscurity – Hiding Asp.Net MVC response headers
Hiding sensitive response headers may not be the most important security measure that you can take, but it is one extra layer of security according to defense in depth security principle. By default applications reveal too much information about its platform and version, and this information

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Inner-workings of TempData in ASP.NET MVC 5
In ASP.NET, TempData is one of the mechanisms used to pass data from controller to the view. In this post, I'll dive into its source code to investigate its behaviour.

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Using PasswordRevealMode for unmasking the Password in Universal Windows Apps
If you are building an Universal Windows Apps, and having a password box that accepts user credentials,  user may often want to unmasked the password to check if correct password was entered or not . We have seen similar feature for most of the password box either in desktop, mobile or web applications. Even previous version of Store or Phone Apps does supports that. However there is a change in Windows 10 Universal app that provide unified experience across the devices and can control the revealed button easily.

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Visual Studio – Bower: Modern Tools for Web Development
For a long, long time, we lived in a beautiful walled garden. In this protected ecosystem of Web development, we used sophisticated technology like ASP.NET and Visual Studio. The rest of the world’s tools were considered rather inferior. We were part of an empire, if you will, and it was a pretty good place to be for a long time.

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New advertising features and walkthrough of using Microsoft ads and mediation
Dev Center has now integrated the functionality previously available inpubCenter to simplify how to create, manage and track your Microsoft advertising ad impressions and revenue. In addition, Microsoft Advertising and Windows ad mediation have been merged into one single SDK, the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK, which works for apps built for Windows Phone 8.x, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

NuGet 3 – What and Why?

Since Visual Studio 2015 was released in July, developers have started using a new version of NuGet, NuGet 3 We decided to introduce a number of significant changes based on feedback from the community. With any major version change, some things break… and usually for a good reason. We have bugs and issues that we are addressing and want to share what the plan was for versions 3.x and what the plan is for the future. Read more

Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview

We are pleased to introduce Azure PowerShell 1.0 Preview, now available on PowerShell Gallery and will be available on WebPI in upcoming weeks. There are many changes in this preview and we’d like to use it to gather feedback, which we’ll incorporate into Azure PowerShell 1.0. Read more

New Row-Level Security functionality: Block predicates (preview)

Block predicates are now available as a preview enhancement for Row-Level Security (RLS) on Azure SQL Database. Block predicates address a common point of customer feedback, by enabling security policies to prevent users from inserting, updating, and/or deleting rows that violate the predicate. You can try block predicates today on any Azure SQL Database (V12) server. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Introduction to React.js

Wondering why React.js is such a popular library for building user interfaces? Get the details, in this fun-filled session with experts Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison. See how React.js is geared toward solving problems, and take a look at its unique JavaScript templating language, JSX, which offers visual components that can be composed and debugged in ways not permitted by HTML-based templates. Plus, learn how its virtual DOM makes it fast and allows for efficient updates. Read more

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