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Books we recommend

Image Free eBook: 52 Tips & Tricks to Boost .NET Performance

Back in July, Redgate asked .NET developers and experts the world over for their .NET performance optimization tips. We wanted to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to avoid, find, and fix application performance problems.

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Articles we enjoyed

ASP.NET MVC 6 Dependency Injection
ASP.NET MVC 6 comes with a basic dependency injection container that will allow you to implement constructor and property dependency injection into your controller classes. This may be enough for smaller ASP.NET MVC 6 applications while other applications can continue to use Autofac, Ninject, StructureMap, Unity, etc.

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The localization is configured in the setup class and can be used throughout the application per dependency injection. The AddLocalization method is used in the ConfigureServices to define the resources and localization

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Diagnostic Analyzers in Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2015 is finally delivering the results of project Roslyn – an ambitious attempt at rewriting the C# and Visual Basic compilers as a service. One of the benefits is the support for diagnostic analyzers in the code editor. They are small pieces of code for validating and refactoring different aspects of source code, which can easily be written by any developer wanting to improve his development experience in Visual Studio.

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Videos we favorited

Looking Ahead to C# 7 with Mads Torgersen

Mads is a terrific person so I thought I would stop in to bug him about C#. For the first 15-20 minutes he mentions some of the C# 6 features you should be already using. For the balance of the video he talks about where C# is headed and some of the thinking behind some new features. Obviously it is early, but in this new era of openness (the compiler has literally been open source'd) it is refreshing to actually get inside the fortress to see strategy. The best part is you can add your voice to the process!

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Building Apps for the Universal Windows Platform – Getting Started

I have seen a ton of videos on the magic of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and how we can now write the same code to target a multitude of devices. Let's face it though, I'm a dev, I want to see how it's done (and as an extension that it is indeed possible). Queuing off of some feedback from a video on XAML improvements, we decided to make a real application that simultaneously targets the client, the phone, and a Raspberry PI 2 with the same codebase. It turns out that it isn't all that magical at all.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Open Sourcing App Service Mobile .NET Server SDK

I'm excited to announce the .NET Server SDK for App Service Mobile is now open source on GitHub! This follows the open-sourcing of the Node.js Server SDK last month. The client libraries for iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Windows have been open source for quite some time, so with this release, all Azure Mobile SDKs are open source! Read more

Announcing Availability of ASP.NET 5 Beta8

ASP.NET 5 beta8 is now available both on NuGet and as a tooling update to Visual Studio 2015! This release greatly expands the supported surface area of .NET Core on OS X and Linux. You can now use networking, cryptography and globalization features cross-platform! This release also includes some nice improvements to ASP.NET 5, DNX and the Web tools. Let’s take a look at how we can get started with ASP.NET 5 beta8. Read more

EF7 Beta 8 Available

Today we are making Entity Framework 7 Beta 8 available. EF7 will be the next major release of Entity Framework and is currently in pre-release. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

JavaScript for Experienced Developers

Are you a C#, C++, or Java Developer interested in adding JavaScript to your toolbox? You may have noticed that JavaScript can be just different enough to be confusing! Wonder how to create an object, classes, or inheritance? Or want advanced topics, like how to manage asynchronous operations? Read more

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